Madeline Goode

Boston ex-pat who frequently itches with wanderlust. Basically always exploring (*read* eating) all that NYC has to offer, or chilling post-workout under a cozy blanket with the window cracked. Future tattoo: 'roots & wings'.
Get Well

How to Stay Healthy(ish) While Celebrating the Holidays

Traveling to new or beloved destinations to celebrate the holidays are, for many, the best times of the year. They can also be tricky times to stay healthy. The shift in temperature and daylight hours combined with seasonal, processed calorie bombs and travel that is a germaphobe’s nightmare can really take a toll on our…

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Get Home

20 Tips for Making Your Move Slightly Less Painful

We hear it all the time: moving is THE WORST. Almost everyone is shoved onto the housing roller coaster at some point. You have to find a place, maybe a roommate too, and to top it all off- actually move. NYC may have a special notoriety, but no matter where you live, have you ever…

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