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Building Good Habits, One Step At a Time

by Hannah Smith

Now that we don’t have any other option than to stay inside, many people have found themselves with more time on their hands and are utilizing this time to try and introduce good habits into their life. For some it’s a daily run, and for someone else it might be making a dinner from scratch – whatever your goals are, now seems to be the time to try to achieve them. One problem we are running into is that screens have become more unavoidable than before. If your goal was to try exercising with more frequency, more likely than not, you’re now working out in front of a screen. In fact, screen time has gone up on average 50% since quarantine began, so I beg the question, can I really call these good habits when I’m furthering my screen time?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not ashamed of being on my screen more – like I said, it feels inevitable now since blue light is emitted from everything I spend the majority of my day looking at (think: TV, computer, tablet, phone!). But I did find my skin texture got rougher and I was getting more frequent migraines, and screen time was without a doubt the culprit. We’ve spoken to the damaging effects of screen time and blue light on the eyes, and now it’s commonplace to utilize glasses specifically to shield your eyes. The next good habit you can implement for blue light protection? Goodhabit’s blue light blocking skincare

Put it this way: would you ever spend 3 hours in the sun without sunscreen? No, we didn’t think so. Well, 12 hours on a screen is the equivalent in terms of damage to the skin! I know you want to read that and say, “Well not me!,” but overall screentime has gone up 50% since quarantine began. And with blue light coming off of everything you do for entertainment, you don’t realize how much screentime and blue light exposure you’re truly getting. In fact, blue light specifically speeds up the aging process of the skin. Blue light can penetrate deeper in the dermis than UVA and UVB rays, and can actually reach the third layer of skin. In doing so, blue light can increase fine lines, dullness, and even increase hyperpigmentation, all of which are things our common skincare routines aim to fight. So if you put on SPF each day, why don’t you reach for something to protect your skin from light you inevitably spend hours in front of each day. 

Goodhabit’s four-step routine covers all the basics of skincare but adds a unique form of protection you won’t find anywhere else in the form of BLU5 technology. While antioxidants would arguably be helpful in terms of fighting oxidative damage on the skin, BLU5 technology goes much deeper than that. Antioxidants can help to repair the skin, but the marine extract used in BLU5 is rich in proteins and polysaccharides, which aids in physically blocking blue light from penetrating the skin. This particular line of Goodhabit products, also known as Rescue Me, also contains blue tansy and blue spirulina extract, two incredibly soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients on the skin. In time, you’ll likely notice less stressed out, irritated skin.  

The micellar gel is a perfect gentle cleanse to use both morning and night. I personally love the no-rinse formula, as it makes the product that much easier to use. The gel effectively removes makeup, dirt, oil, and other debris without stripping the skin of its essential moisture. Follow it up with this powerful but gentle acid toner. You’ll notice results almost overnight (think: even texture, fewer blackheads), without the irritation of using too much acid – in fact, this AHA/BHA/PHA blend is one of the few my sensitive skin can take on a regular basis. Next is the oil serum, aka my favorite step in the whole routine. Without a doubt, the divide texture of this product is what makes it so special for me. You’ll notice three layers in the bottle, a serum, an oil, and an essence. Mix it all together for an incredibly hydrating cocktail. Last but not least is the gel cream – this locks in the moisture from the prior serum and adds a cooling effect to the skin almost like aloe. When all is said and done, I feel and look hydrated and I feel a lot less guilty about staring at a screen until I fall asleep. 

For me, doing something other than falling asleep looking at a screen is the first good habit I’m looking to implement into my routine. But while I work on that goal, slowly but surely, it feels good to know that at least my skin is covered. Let us know what good habits you’re working on below and shop the Goodhabit line here

Feature Image via Goodhabit

This post was sponsored by Goodhabit,. however, we believe in providing authentic opinions and thoughts about all products or services.  

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