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Bye Synthetics, Hello Green Routine: 7 Brands That Are Changing the Face of Clean Beauty

by Susie Benitez

There’s always a good reason to include more natural brands into your bath and beauty routine (even if it means adding straight-up honey onto your face), but with the holidays on the way, there’s even more of a reason to actually buy more natural products to include in your self-care routine. (Classic us, always looking for the best excuse to buy some cool stuff.)

We’re sure that when shopping season officially begins next Friday, these brands will become major players on everybody’s wish lists if they haven’t already. Why don’t we familiarize ourselves a little early, shall we? As I like to say: the early bird gets the bronzer! (Hold on a second… that might not be right…)

NOTO Botanics

Kicking off this list on a high note is one of our all-time favorites, NOTO Botanics. Founded by makeup artist/fine artist, Gloria Noto, NOTO Botanics is focused first and foremost on simplicity and inclusivity, creating multi-use and “uni-sexy” (referring to its gender-fluid approach) beauty products. Simplicity is truly invoked throughout every aspect of the brand, from their minimal design to, you guessed it, their formulas. NOTO prides itself on being vegan and cruelty-free, with a heavy emphasis on organic and natural ingredients.

  • Moisture Riser Cream by NOTO Botanics

    Our pick from NOTO is their Moisture Riser cream which (aside from smelling so great) boosts elasticity, provides intense hydration (thank you, hyaluronic acid), and soothes dry + itchy skin using a mix of Blue Tansy, Marula, Rose Geranium, Clary Sage and Carrot Seed oils.

Bonus: NOTO Botanics is also serious about giving back. Their AGENDER Oil is their first completely non-profit product with 100% of the sales going towards a rotating selection of charities.


Tata Harper

You may have seen this green beauty brand (figuratively and literally!) allll over your social media feeds lately as it’s quickly becoming a staple in the natural beauty scene. Using over 300 raw ingredients to create their own “Complex Formulas,” Tata Harper is known for the highest concentration of high-quality, natural ingredients in every single one of their products — meaning no fillers. None. Nada. Zero. Oh, and aside from fillers, they’re also free from GMOs, toxins, synthetic chemicals, and artificial colors and fragrance. We told you, TH isn’t messing around when it comes to clean beauty.

  • Resurfacing Mask by Tata Harper

    With a huge selection to pick from, we ended up choosing the Resurfacing Mask as our fave. With 11 high-performance ingredients as the focus of this Complex Formula, this best-selling mask is sure to transform your skin from dull to absolutely glowing with the help of white willow bark and pomegranate enzymes, just to highlight a couple members of the team.


PLANT Apothecary

Founded in love — whether that be love for the environment, love for each other (hello, husband & wife team!), or love for good design — PLANT Apothecary is truly about the good stuff. They specialize in USDA organic beauty, grooming, and bath products, meant for any type of skin — especially sensitive skin (co-founder Holly McWhorter still struggles with that). With a brand focus on de-stressing, we can’t find a single reason to be anything less than chill while using PLANT Apothecary products as they’re all free of petroleum, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, silicones, and “any other synthetic nasties.” So lather up!

  • Be Well Organic Body Wash by PLANT Apothecary

    Our pick from PLANT Apothecary is their Be Well Organic Body Wash because it's relaxing eucalyptus and bergamot scents will keep you calm and clean (in every sense of the word) during your bath and shower. We just can't seem to stay away from it.



Weleda has been in the natural beauty game for a long time — we’re talking almost 100 years. Started as a pharmaceutical laboratory in 1921, they “created the first synergistic products orchestrated to reconnect the body with its natural rhythms.” (Talk about being ahead of the trend!) Their products, which cover everything from face to baby to oral care, are made not only with the highest quality ingredients but using environmentally friendly and sustainable production processes as well. Wait, did somebody say sustainable? Yeah, we’re definitely in.

  • Skin Food by Weleda

    Our pick from Weleda is their legendary Skin Food Original Ultra-Rich Cream. It's been a cult favorite since the mid-1920s and saves all types of dry skin, like face, elbows, feet, and hands. Its rich base of oils and beeswax will be sure to both hydrates and illuminizes your skin for a super healthy glow. And not to mention, clocking in at just under $20, it's pretty darn wallet-friendly, too.


Red Earth Beauty

This cheeky Australian brand’s mission is to make beauty (and life, for that matter) fun, effortless, and completely natural. For over 25 years, Red Earth Beauty has been doing just that, adding adventure and embracing individuality with every one of their products, all made from raw and authentic ingredients (with a big emphasis on Aussie culture).

  • Have Fun Lipstick Matches by Red Earth Beauty

    While they offer everything from beauty to skincare, we can't miss an opportunity for a little fun, so our pick from Red Earth is their Have Fun Lipstick Matches. Each order comes with six colors, each "matchbook" containing five "matches" meant for touching up or sharing with friends. They're just so cute and so tiny and oops we just bought like 15 packs. Oh well!

Heads up, if you’re not hooked on their products, you’ll surely be hooked on the goodies that come with your purchase. Read: lots of stickers. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you.)


lilah b.

Purity is part of the process at lilah b., the brand best known for those beautiful, egg-like makeup containers that feel so good in your hands, like a perfectly polished river rock just begging to be skipped across a pond. Aside from their recognizable shape and feel, the brand prides itself on creating the most “skin-kind” formulations it possibly can with natural ingredients from the earth. All of their makeup is (get ready for this one) free of gluten, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances, and is vegan and cruelty-free. Phew!

  • Bronzed Beauty™ Bronzer Duo by lilah b.

    Our pick from lilah b. is their Bronzed Beauty™ Bronzer Duo which, made primarily with coconut oil, aloe, and agar to moisturize and hydrate, works as the perfect highlight and bronzer. Great for the winter months or really just to add a little glow wherever and whenever you need. And yes, before you ask, everything comes in one of those lovely little eggs.

(Disclaimer: Please don’t skip your lilah b. products across a pond because we promise they look better on your face than at the bottom of a lake.)


Lady Suite

Now this one’s definitely just for the ladies. Girls, let’s talk about our intimate skin. You know what we’re talking about — down there? Lady Suite is all about giving a little extra TLC to your lady parts through natural and organic products. They’re hoping to create a host of products, a “suite” if you will, beginning with the vulva. While the oil is, of course, free of parabens, phthalates, synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances, it is also free of known endocrine disruptors and limited in essential oil use as they can sometimes be too harsh for delicate and sensitive skin (you gotta be careful down there!).

  • Rejuvenating Botanical Oil for Intimate Skin by Lady Suite

    Our pick is the Rejuvenating Botanical Oil for Intimate Skin. Their only product (as of right now) is formulated to gently calm, moisturize and revitalize the vulva using a blend of key ingredients like cedarwood, sweet orange essential oils, jojoba oil, and primrose oil. Give her (and you!) the love she deserves!


Feature image via Ella Xu

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