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Chill Tips Are Here and Easier Than Ever

by Hannah Smith

Chillhouse is excited to announce its biggest launch to date, Chill Tips! These at-home press-on nail designs bring a Chillhouse mani to you, as they feature three of the most classic and popular in-house designs. They’ll last a week minimum, and are both non-toxic and non-damaging to the nail. Once they’re on, you’ll barely notice they’re there! So how do you get these press-ons on properly? Make a little moment out of it and follow the steps below.

Gauge the Size

Chill Tips each come with 24 nail options per design, so you can really custom fit the mani to your nail. Take some time to lay them out and try them on your nail bed to get an idea of what nails you’re going to be using (bonus – the nails are numbered so you can keep even better track of them!) before settling down. This is always subject to change but can save a lot of frustration by helping to decide prior.

Preparation is Key

Nail prep is arguably the most important step when using press-ons than the actual application, so be patient with yourself. Each Chill Tip kit also includes a dual-sided buffer and a cuticle stick, which you’ll use to optimize your nail application.

You want to start with pushing back the cuticles – this allows the press-on to sit closer to the edge of the nailed for a more natural look. While it’s not necessary, you might opt to use a little cuticle oil if you find it’s painful or difficult to move the cuticle back, as this makes the cuticle softer and more malleable. But because we’re using press-ons, be sure to thoroughly wash your hands to remove all signs of oil left on the nail – leaving oil on the nail makes it much harder for the glue to adhere.

Once you’re done with the cuticle, you’ll want to file and buff your nails. Because you’re using press-ons, ensure that your natural nail will be shorter than the press-on itself and file down accordingly. Be sure to smooth out any jagged edges or nicks. Then buff the nail bed itself, but do not aim for a smooth to touch surface. Instead, texturize your nail a bit, as it makes the glue adhere to the nail and press-on more efficiently!

If you’re not using a cuticle oil, feel free to buff and then push back cuticles – order matters less without an oil present!

Time to Apply

If you feel you filed your nails down a bit, gauge the size of your ideal press-ons again! The more time you take ensuring each nail fits, the more comfortable the wear will be.

Once your nails are selected, apply a light layer of glue to the back of your first nail and a generous layer of glue to the corresponding natural nail. Wait three seconds for the glue to activate, and then press the press-on onto the natural nail. Press firmly and evenly on the entire nail for 30 seconds and then you’re good to! Repeat the process all around for the remaining fingers.

Finalize the Shape

This is truly optional, but you’re more than welcome to file the press on any further for maximum comfort or to get your desired shape.

If you need more instruction or clarity, watch our video HERE.

Shop the Chill Tips and other nail accessories below – enjoy your mani! Be sure to tag @chillhouse to show us how it came out!

Feature Image via Dillon Burke

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