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How to Stay Sane When Moving During a Global Pandemic

by Amanda Smith

So you are contemplating a move during the COVID-19 Pandemic? Or maybe you have to move! Or maybe your parent’s place is much bigger than your tiny studio apartment and it comes with free laundry. Whatever the case may be, there’s a natural fear that creeps in during times like these and lucky for you, I just moved and went through the hell of driving a U-haul and having a F.R.I.E.N.D.S moment of fitting my couch around a flight of stairs. I got you covered with everything you need to know in order to stay sane when moving during a global pandemic.

Preparation is Key

First thing’s first, let’s hope you packed everything correctly and washed/sanitized as much as you could beforehand. Preparation is key! My new place was not going to have a dishwasher so I took advantage of washing anything and everything that could safely go in the dishwasher. I made sure to sanitize any artwork, books, etc… then packed it carefully. This way nothing breaks during my move and it’s bacteria-free entering into my new home!

PPE in Hand

Another great way to prepare for your move is to have any extra masks, gloves, hand sanitizers on deck (for you and any helpers!) My boyfriend and I were lucky enough to have our old roommates that we quarantined with help us load our truck. We kept the rest of our move to the two of us to limit the amount of contact with others. If you’re renting a truck – make sure to bring extra Lysol spray to spray down the wheel and seats! This will give you a peace of mind knowing you have done everything you can and limited your exposure.

Set the Space

Next up, your new place! Hooray – You’ve made it! Turn on the AC (if you have it) and crank up some tunes because you’re about to sage that place (with Lysol of course!). Before moving in your items, make sure to do a walk-through in your new space and ensure it’s been properly cleaned prior to your move day. If it helps, bring your own cleaning supplies and give everything a good wipe down! Your body, mind, and indoor plants will thank you!

Indulge Yourself for a Moment

Now that you’re here – relax! Much easier said than done (trust me, my move wasn’t easy) but take some time for yourself! You deserve it – you managed to move during a global pandemic! Give yourself a hot bath! Order postmates and get the extra guac on the side! Treat yourself to that overpriced candle and just be. I love to turn to meditation as a reward to my body and mind, as well. I use the Calm App for guided meditations when I feel my mind is too cluttered and need a bit of help winding down. Find what works for you and do that!

Times are so uncertain and this new space is what you make of it! A new start! A fresh page in the book of YOU! Make it great! Turn it around! Whatever you do – it’s yours!

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