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NYC Spots for CBD Infused Grub

by Michelle Morgan

The hustle and grind of NYC can wear on even the toughest #girlboss in the making. As the country starts to warm up to the health benefits of cannabis, there is a marijuana alternative that is bubbling to the surface that can ease anxiety/stress, pain relief and is known to be a great anti-inflammatory.

Watch out Mary Jane, CBD Oil is the new HBIC. The concentrated oil is derived from hemp plants much like the THC found in your favorite buds. However, the strain of hemp plants used are high in CBD and low in THC; the result is a subtle feeling of relaxation of your body, calm and chill vibes. CBD has all the health benefits without the mind-altering high feeling, and best of all it is LEGAL in all 50 states. Cafes and Juice shops around the city are starting to offer CBD Oil as an extra boost to your wellness routine. Here are a few places in the city to find some chill vibes…


Photo Cred: @emilynachazel

This cozy Williamsburg café is inspired by easy summers in Montauk and setting good intentions. All the drinks are plant-based concoctions that harness the power of herbs to give local Brooklynites a boost of energy and strengthen their intuition. The End is famous for their colorful smoothies – especially the instagrammable Unicorn Latte. To mellow out ask for their Spiced Hot Cocoa which is a blend of cocoa, cinnamon, nutmeg, ghee, vanilla and the all-important CBD Oil!  

Grassroots Juicery

Photo Cred: @grassrootsjuciery

Grassroots Juicery is another spot in Williamsburg that is owned and operated by women. This café offers over 58 varieties of fresh juices that promote wellness and health. Any made to order juices can be spiked with CBD Oil to fight off even the gnarliest case of Sunday Scaries. In addition to spiked juices, the shop also sells delicious Super Chill CBD Bites made with pecans, cacao, dates, coconut oil, and unsweetened coconut shreds.


Photo Cred: @juiceland

Blending CBD oil with sweet fruit juice is a seamless way to have your daily dose of bliss. JuiceLand offers the option to add a shot of the good stuff to any of their blends. Try an oil shot with their hangover cure Recovery Punch.

CAP Beauty

Photo Cred: Cap Beauty

This holistic beauty haven located in the West Village sells their own brand of CBD Oil called the Daily Hit. Their special blend contains CBD, mushrooms and adaptogens meant to be sprinkled on top of your salad and tonics.

The Alchemist’s Kitchen

Photo Cred: Garden Collage

This apothecary celebrates the healing power of plants and has cultivated a passionate community of New Yorkers seeking all natural remedies. The apothecary offers CBD in a variety of formats such as oils, gel capsules, and vapes.


Photo Cred: Timeout

Looking for another way to enjoy the benefits of CBD? Be sure to book a massage at Chillhouse and ask for the CBD Focus. This add-on is perfect for those days where you pushed your body a little too hard at Project by Equinox. A CBD massage balm act as an anti-inflammatory to ease muscle pain and tension.   

Come across some dope spots that cater to our CBD needs? Slide into our DMs with some recommendations. 

Feature Image via Madison Terry

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