Get Physical

The Back Series

by Thea Hughes

Welcome to The Series, a new segment on The Chill Times designed to bring focused exercises straight to your home. With the guidance of Thea Hughes, a functional strength coach at SESSION and creative marketing consultant, we’ll be providing at-home workouts for all the areas you really care about. Check back every other Monday for a new workout, and follow Thea to connect further about questions or concerns.

Here we are, well into our third week of April and still finding ways to get creative at home.  As promised, we are excited to bring you V2 of our at-home series. Here is your go-to-circuit in anticipation of all shoulder-bearing outfits. 

To prep yourself for movement, start off with these three warm-up exercises below. Repeat 8 reps of each and repeat 2x. 

Scapular Articulations 

Good Mornings 

Banded pull aparts

Circuit 1 

Push Up to Hollow Hold (X10)

Laying Back Extension (X10) 

Isometric Back Extension with Lat Pull-down (X10)

Repeat the above moves 4 rounds before moving on to Circuit 2

Circuit 2

Glider Push and Pull (X8)

Standing Reverse Fly (X15/15)

Repeat the above moves for 3 rounds before moving on to Circuit 3

Circuit 3

Single Arm Forearm Plank (:20/:20)

Bent Over Rows (X12/12)

Repeat the above moves for 4 rounds before giving yourself a high-five – you did it!

Feature Image via Stocksy

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