Get Physical

The Glute Series

by Thea Hughes

Welcome to The Series, a new segment on The Chill Times designed to bring focused exercises straight to your home. With the guidance of Thea Hughes, a functional strength coach at SESSION and creative marketing consultant, we’ll be providing at-home workouts for all the areas you really care about. Check back every other Monday for a new workout, and follow Thea to connect further about questions or concerns.

We’re sure that you never skip leg day – we don’t either (*looks around*). To make sure your glutes are on point, Coach Thea Hughes is serving up our third installment of The Series featuring the throned backside. Give it a try — just don’t go half a$$.

To prep yourself for movement, start off with these three warm-up exercises. Repeat 10 reps of each and repeat twice: Alternating Reverse Lunges, Bodyweight Squats, and Laying Glute Bridges.

Circuit 1

Laying Hamstring Curls / Glide Outs (x20)

Single Leg Deadlift (x10/10)

Repeat the above moves for 4 rounds through before moving on to Circuit 2

Circuit 2

Single Leg Hip Thrust (x10/10)

(Option to lay on the ground here as well)

Miniband Lateral Walks (x20/20)

Repeat the above moves for 3 rounds through before moving on to Circuit 3

Circuit 3

Sumo Deadlift (X10-12)

Slowly lower for 3 counts, pause at the bottom, then squeeze the glutes to stand

Repeat the above moves for 4 rounds through before moving on to Circuit 4

Circuit 4

Constant Tension Squat (X15)

Single Leg Tap Out to Fatigue Each Side (x10/10)

(On the second round, repeat as many reps as you can until fatigue)

Repeat the above moves for 2 rounds through before stretching it out!

Feature Image via Session

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