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TSA Approved Items for the Chillest Flight Ever

by Hannah Smith

Flying can be… anything but chill. Between arriving to the airport in a timely manner, praying your bag is within the weight limit, having to take your laptop and toiletries out without clogging the TSA line, and being mushed between two strangers, it’s safe to say we lost our sh*t before we even stepped onto the plane. But when all of that is said and done, you have hours to spend with yourself, so why not at least attempt to relax? Just incase you’re an #inairselfcare newbie, we rounded up some of the best products to make your next flight as relaxing as possible.

Eye masks are a necessity on flights, so much so that airlines tend to provide them for you! One thing this eye mask has that the free ones don’t? Charcoal. Infusing the mask with charcoal helps immensely with the dreaded post-plane-puffiness, but it still has the classic, silky texture we all know and love.

It’s impossible to chill on a plane without the appropriate attire, so we deem this hoodie a necessity for any and all flights. Take a nap, do a little meditation, or apply some facial oils all in the comfort of this perfect little hoodie.

By now, we only hope this isn’t a newsflash, but flights are incredibly dehydrating. To combat, we recommend hydration in literally any form, but specifically, snow mushroom. ICYMI: Snow mushroom acts as hyaluronic acid on steroids, pulling immense amounts of moisture into the skin. This lifting mist from CLE Cosmetics is perfect because not only is it small enough to get through TSA, but it uses aloe vera to soothe, snow mushroom to hydrate, and various essential oils for a perfectly relaxing aroma.

This quart sized vinyl bag is perfect for storing all of your in flight necessities. Not only is it the TSA approved size for your toiletries, but it’s see through, making it easier to grab your essentials without rummaging through your bags.

Along the lines of hydration, popping an oil on directly prior to boarding or even mid-flight can keep that slick, post-flight oiliness at bay. This beautiful oil is perfect for traveling because it’s solid, so no need to worry about TSA guidelines. Instead, worry about slathering on this blend of shea butter, cocoa butter, and amla fruit extract for a deeply hydrated and glowing effect.

Is it just us, or does the beverage selection suck in the air? If you’re not in the mood for a sugar filled soda or you’re not looking to get tipsy, these matcha sticks will surely upgrade your usual in flight beverage. The matcha comes in single serve packets, so they’re perfect to travel with. Simply ask your flight attendant for a cup of hot water, add the matcha, and enjoy.

A facial roller is the perfect in flight accessory to help you relax and to keep you looking fresh. Use it after you’ve applied any hydrating serums or oils to help with de-puffing, stimulate collagen production, and assist in lymphatic drainage. It’s definitely one of the more extra things to do while flying, but we promise it’s worth it.

Back before iPads and downloadable Netflix, you had to entertain yourself in other ways while flying. Enter: The Modernist Coloring Book. It’s a definite upgrade from your childhood coloring books, but just as entertaining as always. With 56 pages to choose from, you’ll never get bored.

If there’s one thing airplanes are notorious for, it’s lack of space to move around and stretch your body… which unfortunately results in dull aches and pains afterward. However, this is all avoidable with Magnesium Ease, a topical spray designed to relieve muscle pain. Spray and massage onto clean skin and let your muscle tension melt away. Bonus Points: It also aids in sleep, which is a necessity on every flight.

We said it before, and we’ll say it again: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! You cannot possibly get on a flight without a plan for keeping those lips kissable, and we love the Vertly balm. Infused with cannabis sativa oil, this balm is incredibly hydrating and soothing to any form of irritation. And don’t panic! Just because it’s cannabis infused doesn’t mean TSA will seize it.

  • Take a Walk on the Chill Side Socks

    Take a Walk on the Chill Side Socks by Chillhouse
    Need This Now| $15

Let’s be real, wearing shoes on flights in the ultimate downer. I personally hate the feeling of my shoes getting tighter as my feet swell with elevation, but I also refuse to go bare foot in order to be considerate of my neighbors. Wearing these chill socks is an easy solution to keeping comfortable without stinking up the recycled air around you.

  • Tranquility Aromatherapy Oil

    Tranquility Aromatherapy Oil by Palermo Body
    Need This Now| $32

Aromatherapy is key when it comes to keeping calm. Thankfully, this blend of lavender and cypress is designed to travel with you everywhere and remain mess free. It’s perfect during stressful turbulence, after you’ve hauled ass to the gate, or any moment you just need to take a deep breath.

Feature Image via Victoria Morris

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