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Wellness One-oh-Ones: Clean Slate

by Hannah Smith

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No matter your reasoning, we all could use a little detox now and again. Whether you’ve had way too much alcohol lately or have been living in a more highly polluted city, toxins will always find a way to get in our bodies and we can give them a helping hand right back out! Dr. Shari Auth, founder of WTHN and nationally Board Certified Herbalist, gives us all the details about one of her hero products, Clean Slate, made to combat toxins around the clock. Read the interview and shop our selection of WTHN herbal supplements below!

Do We Really Consume That Many Toxins on a Day to Day?

“It’s surprising because we really are exposed to so many toxins and a lot of times, it comes from places that we might not suspect! Going to the nail salon and breathing toxic fumes, using a plastic bottle or plastic food container that’s not BPA / BPB free, and even some products in our home such as cleaning products or cosmetics that have toxins in them fly under the radar. Even going to the gas station and breathing in those fumes can be harmful or using yoga mats or flip flops because of the toxic materials in the plastic that comprises them can seep into our skin. And then of course the air! There’s so much we can do on a conscious level to buy clean products, clean beauty products, clean cleansing products, and even check our food sources, but inevitably we’re going to get the toxins in from somewhere – if nothing else, the air! [Without being alarmist], some of the longterm effects they flag is reproductive harm, but it can also lead to cancers as they can overwhelm the liver” so it’s very important to pay attention to.  

What Herbs are Blended for Optimal Benefits?

“Our body is designed to filter toxins and our liver is our primary detox organ. One of the amazing things about our liver is it can regenerate and there’s different herbs that help the liver do that! These herbs are things like milk thistle, dandelion, lemongrass, a Chinese herb called eclipta alma, and they all support the liver and help it do its job to process toxins. As you take Clean Slate and your liver gets healthier, it has a lot of benefits to your overall health. That’s not all, though! If you detox your liver, you’re going to eliminate those toxins through your colon. One of the special things about Clean Slate is that it couples all these liver supporting herbs with a famous Ayurvedic formula called Trithala. Trithala is a combination of three herbs that’ve been traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine to detox and harmonize the colon. The two together work really well to help the body both process and eliminate toxins. It’s also important to mention that the herbs are all organic: if it’s important to us to buy organic strawberries or broccoli, we need to buy organic herbs, too.”

What Changes Can I Expect to See?

According to Shari, “some of the testimonials we get from customers who are taking Clean Slate is that they feel like their skin is clear, they feel like can see better, they feel like their digestion is better, that they can sleep better, that they have more energy, or even that they have more clarity and cognitive capacity. There’s a lot of health benefits from having a healthy liver that is functioning optimally in doing its job to process toxins.” To add my personal two cents, I went through a full bottle of Clean Slate in a mission to improve my skin and results from the beginning to end of month were very obvious. Whenever I’m having a breakout or a few weeks of congested skin, I take a higher dose (whither Shari speaks about below) for about a week

Does This Feel Like a Juice Cleanse?

“With detoxes, you can kind of go through a dark tunnel first where you feel fatigued or groggy, and then you come out the other end. One of the nice things about Clean Slate is there’s really no dark tunnel. [Editor’s Note: Even though I’ve only done a day long juice cleanse, I can confirm that horrid feeling is MIA with Clean Slate]. It’s really balanced enough that it just helps you feel better and you can use it in a couple of different ways: You can take one dose a day to combat toxins we ingest every day or you can do a more focused cleanse and take it twice a day.”

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