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3 New York Wellness Spots You Never Knew Existed

by Raven Ishak

In the midst of the holiday chaos, it’s completely normal to feel like a chicken with your head cut off. From ordering last-minute gifts online to commuting across town to get the perfect present for your in-laws, your body may be feeling the “holiday exercise” you’ve so happily been including into your everyday routine (cue in sarcasm).

But even though December may be feeling a little crazier than normal (how is it the end of the year, already?), that doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice your self-care routine to make everyone else on your holiday list extra happy. Thankfully, there are a few spots in NYC that you may have never heard of that will give your mind and body the TLC they need — long after the new year.

Maha Rose

Photo via Maha Rose

In the center of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Maha Rose has everything for a wellness guru to slip away and relax, due to their recent expansion, there’s even more healing to go around. In addition to their weekly workshops where you can learn Breathwork for Success; New Moon, New Year Candle Magic; or Reiki (just to name a few), now you can also schedule in an hour infrared sauna session, shop crystals and other healing essentials at their gift shop to bring some of the magic home with you, or chill in one of their cozy nooks where you can relax and read a book. This little oasis will also help you feel more in line with your body and mind as you can schedule a healing appointment with one of their expert practitioners. Want to try crystal healing or hypnosis? Well, you can do those here, too.

Maha Rose is the one-stop shop for everything and anything for holistic wellness, and after taking a complimentary wellness consultation, you, too, can begin your own journey through healing, learning, and transformation.


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Ever wanted to try acupuncture or cupping, but didn’t want to empty your bank account? WTHN gives you the financial access you crave in an Instagramable space that features ancient medicine with an ultra-modern twist. Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, WTHN wants to prevent, heal and glow your body back to health. Every treatment is accompanied by sound therapy by Nate Martinez and a heated table to keep your body warm and comforted. However, you can add cupping or LED light therapy to your sessions (unless you become a member, and then it’s free!), or buy formulated herbal tablets that are made with traditional Chinese formulas, mixed with adaptogens before you head out the door.

The customizable menu has three pillars to help guide which treatment is right for you: Prevent includes options to help ease stress and anxiety, strengthens your immunity, and fights fatigue; Heal can decrease PMS pain, cure insomnia, and aid in digestion; and finally, Glow uses ancient facial acupuncture that will make your skin shine for daaayyss. Healing from within never felt or looked so right.

Three Jewels

Photo via 3 Jewels

Yoga and meditation is already a pretty dense industry, however, when you’re introduced to a place that combines both practices with Buddhist teachings and a swanky cafe, you gotta mention it in a cool, new roundup. Three Jewels is a non-profit company that mixes ancient practices of Buddhist philosophies with yoga and meditation to bring their students to enlightenment as well as works with the Department of Homeless services to give back to their communities by giving free meditation and yoga classes to homeless families, trauma-sensitive care for refugees, and offers wellness programs to homeless shelters and recovery programs.

While the space houses one studio, the price point is just too good to pass up. If you’re a newbie to three Jewels, you just have to pay $40 for three weeks of unlimited classes, or you can become an “Unlimited” member by receiving unlimited yoga, meditation or dharma classes for just a $100. Mat rentals are free and meditation cushions are provided. So, basically, you have no excuse NOT to get your health on for the new year.

Feature image via Maha Rose

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