by Chill Times

“The Chill Times is the media arm of Chillhouse. Whether it involves beauty, health, fitness, or wellness, The Chill Times brand is smart, edgy, curious, and DTC (down to chill). We’re realistic about self-care and don’t expect our readers to have it all down — heck, we don’t have it all figured out. That’s why you’ll see us connecting with the best of the best to give our readers the low down of each and every topic.

We’re constantly inspired by people who have their shit together. We’re not afraid to push the envelope or try new things, and we’re definitely down to laugh at ourselves every chance we get. The Chill Times is the destination for chill, balance, and not giving a f*ck. We’re the refined troublemaker your grandma warned you about, who you’re already secretly BFFs with.”

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