Eryn Danielle

Retired ballerina, yoga enthusiast and "Jane the Virgin" aficionado.
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What to Watch on Netflix if You Want to See Diversity on the Screen

I love Netflix. No, but seriously I do. It’s a safe haven. I’ve got hours and hours of television and film at my fingertips whenever I want to indulge. But, I’m also someone who likes the debate why the hell the film/TV industries in the United States have always been so… white. From the actors…

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A Craigslist Ad for Authentic, Meaningful Friendships

It’s true that your close friendships and relationships are a reflection of you, and more importantly the relationship you have with yourself. When you take a moment to decipher what it is you want from your friendships, it helps you attract and seek out those friendships that help you be the best version of yourself,…

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How to Stick to Your Budget Without Letting it Ruin Your Social Life

Money is a weird thing. Everyone is born with a different understanding of it, and therefore, different relationships surrounding money form. For some, it’s a source of constant stress. For others, it enables them to support every single want, desire, and need they have. For myself, I felt pressure to spend more than I had in…

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