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CBD Brands to Be Supporting Right Now

by Hannah Smith

Anyone feeling just a little extra stressed lately? Don’t worry, we promise you’re not alone – this feeling of communal anxiety is both concerning but also oddly comforting. Isn’t it nice to know we’re in this together? But even with repetitive positive mantras, it can be hard to shake some of those underlying scaries. You know what does help? CBD. Regardless of the fact that many people claim to replace pain meds, anxiety meds, and the like with just the proper dose of CBD, CBD brands are unable to apply for government grants and loans during this time, so we thought we’d do something a little mutually beneficial for our anxiety, and for small business. To help you get through the stress of this pandemic and to help support small businesses during this time, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite CBD brands to shop right now – so if you want a chocolate, grab a CBD chocolate. Want a bath? Infuse it with CBD! (Pro tip: Many of these brands have sales going on!)


YewYew’s NBD CBD shot to fame for how good it tastes, and I can confirm. Typically, the taste of CBD can be off-putting – we get it, cannabis isn’t necessarily the best scent in the world! So Jenny, the founder, instead opted to turn to the power of terpenes and added pinene, or rosemary, and limonene (we’ll let you take a stab at that one), to increase alertness and to aid in elevating the mood. It’s a full spectrum oil, so there is THC in there, but it’s within the legal limit of 0.3% federally so don’t expect any high to come of this.  


I have to admit, I’ve never really cared for edibles in any format. From chocolates to gummies to cookies, I’ve tried them all and am never quite satisfied. That is until I met women-powered brand Calivolve. These decedent, dark chocolate truffles come in three divine flavors to choose from – Cherry, Mint, and my personal favorite, Matcha. Each square of chocolate contains 20mg of CBD (and can be broken in half to create 10gm dosages, too!), but also a dose of ashwagandha and maca, to help lift the spirit and mind. Each truffle is a true treat, but to top it off, they’re all vegan and gluten-free, so no need to worry about stomach sensitivity. If truffles aren’t your style, they even partnered with another favorite, Rosebud CBD, to create a simple dark chocolate bar. 


Arguably one of the worst bits about CBD to a real cannabis conesuir is that it’s most commonly found in tinctures or edibles and it can be hard to find herb. Enter Essential: CBD pre-rolled joints infused with essential oils. There are three blends currently, one for focus, one for relief, and one for relaxation, so you can really tailor to your mood. And it’s important to note, as their site says, “Though these bad bois look and smell like weed, they won’t get you high and are federally legal,” so no worries here!


Pollen is a complete standout when it comes to CBD gummies as their flavors are absolutely out of this world. Think: Coffee + Cacao, Pear + Turmeric, Sour Cherry + Vanilla! Each gummy is easily the size of a gumdrop, so it’s truly an indulgent experience. They have three ranges to choose from when it comes to the effect you’re looking to get out of your CBD experience, so whether you’re looking to recharge your batteries, rebalance yourself, or feel like a breath of fresh air, you’re set. 

Rosebud CBD

We love Rosebud for a number of reasons, some of which are the fact that it’s a woman led company and the products are all derived from a small, organic hemp farm in Oregon. They have three different strength tinctures to choose from, so whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, you’ll be able to find a dosage for yourself. They also create salves and bath soaks, so if your muscles are craving a little relaxation, you’re set to go.


If you’re a fan of aromatherapy, this is the brand for you. Highborn has created CBD body oils and anointing oils blended with essential oils to help you reset. The body oil is what jumps out most – not only are there three absolutely amazing scent blends enough to calm the mind, but the CBD will help to ease skin irritation, muscle pain, and promote overall relaxation. 

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