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Five Tips for Lash Care from the Lash Lady Herself

by Hannah Smith

Lashes can really make you feel like a new person. Whether you rock your natural lashes, a full set of extensions, or a lash lift, we all know that they can be a real confidence booster. But have you ever thought of how you take care of them? Truthfully, we never really did – so we tapped Kyla, aka @lashladynyc, for some of her best tips on keeping your lashes healthy and growing.

Remove Your Eye Makeup – Gently

Whether or not you have extensions in, eye makeup, when not properly removed, can be seriously detrimental to the state of your lash health. “Without lash extensions on, I love a makeup cleansing balm! Eve Lom and Drunk Elephant both have great, super gentle ones. When I do have my lashes on, I typically don’t wear other eye makeup, so I just wash my face as normal and every few days cleanse my extensions.”

Beware of Eyelash Curlers

Okay, they’re not the worst thing in the world, but you do want to be careful when using a curler. “In my experience a curler one of the most damaging things you can do to your lashes,” says Kyla. “Especially because I know a lot of people have the same one they’ve been using for years and years” – anyone else guilty as charged? This buildup of residue over time is not great for lash health and it often results in a sub-par curler. Kyla even says she has “fallen victim to not realizing the little plastic protector had fallen off and [in turn] chopping off my lashes!”

Don’t Be Afraid to Use a Booster 

“There are tons of amazing products on the market for lash growth and they all work insanely well,” according to Kyla, so don’t be afraid to use them. “Most of them are a clear gel that are applied to the lash line before bed, and then washed off in the morning, [so they’re super easy to use]. Some great ones are GrandeLash, Borboleta, and Rodan and Fields. Of course Latisse is always a great option as well, but the others don’t require prescription and are a bit cheaper!” Castor oil will not heed such immediate results, but Kyla believes with regular use, it can show improvement.

Hair Supplements Will Still Help

Biotin, collagen, there are so many supplements on the market claiming to help your hair grow longer, thicker, and fuller. So, can we expect to see results in our lashes if we use supplements like this. Kyla says “Yes! Eyelashes are hair too, and with proper care and supplements, your lashes can grow longer and stronger.”

Wash Your Lashes – Extensions or Not!

If you don’t regularly wear lash extensions, the idea of washing your lashes might seem new, but according to Kyla, “it is highly encouraged to wash your lashes whether or not you wear extensions! Your eyelashes are designed to collect dirt and debris to keep things out of our eyes and these things can easily build up and cause a variety of problems. With extensions it is imperative you clean them regularly with an extension safe oil free cleanser and a soft brush. Without, you can use baby shampoo and wash once a week or so which can prevent styes and other infections!”

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