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Pisces Self-Care Guide

by Hannah Smith

It’s officially Pisces season! These water signs are known for being highly empathetic, extremely intuitive, and vividly imaginative and are often meme-d for crying too often, but it’s funny because it’s true. Ruled by Neptune, the planet all about dreams, spirituality, and intuition, these emotional beings are so kind that they often put others’ needs before their own. So how do you remind a Pisces to take time for themselves? We got you.

Since Pisces are known to check out of reality and enter a world of their own imagination, what better design to give the Pisces in your life? It’s not a bad thing that Pisces check out – who can blame them when they take on so many people’s emotions all day!? This design is perfectly creative enough without calling too much attention to themselves, another thing Pisces typically do not like.

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Like we said, Pisces are deeply intuitive and spiritual, and as such, making meaningful emotional connections is extremely important for Pisces. That’s why this get-to-know-you style card game is the perfect gift for Pisces – with questions to explore your deepest ambitions and dreams, all the way to unearthing childhood memories, this card game really allows people to get to know one another. Bonus: If the Pisces in your life is an introvert and would rather not play this game with people, each card makes a fantastic personal journal prompt.

If you know a Pisces, you know Pisces are dreamers. Let’s help them transition from day-dreaming to getting some good ole fashioned sleep for their dreams to flourish there. This charcoal eye mask is the perfect option for them – of course, any eye mask will encourage longer, deeper, sleep, but the charcoal infusion in this particular mask will also reduce puffiness upon waking up, so make it look like you got a full night’s sleep.

Caffeine-free but still incredibly energizing, this Turmeric Latte blend is something every Pisces could benefit from. The warming spices wake up the digestive track and the body to help you feel motivated to get sh*t done without getting jittery. It’s also largely anti-inflammatory, so benefits such as less swollen joints and acne are common!

As the ultimate empaths, Pisces take on a LOT of emotions that aren’t necessarily theirs to begin with. As such, Pisces can benefits a ton from journaling. This notebook from Pocketo is perfect – completely blank and ready to be filled however you see fit, it’s aesthetically pleasing to have around your home and gives you the perfect outlet.

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