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What Your Saved Instagram Photos Say About You

by Reza Moreno

Ever since Instagram came out with the new feature of saving your favorite photos to your profile a la Pinterest style, we have been #blessed with creating our very own mood boards to help keep us inspired from time to time. You can say it’s a little self-therapy, but one thing you wouldn’t ever realize is what insight you can find from a person through these selected images. While Instagram saved photos may seem meaningless, we brought in an expert, Aki Baker, co-founder of MINKA brooklyn, Flower Essence Therapist, and Reiki master to help us get a better understanding about ourselves through the 12 images we’ve most recently saved from our grams by analyzing them without knowing whose saved accounts were whose. Are we sensing a new technological palm reading? I think yes! Find out what Aki Baker saw when she checked out The Chill Times’ team Instagram saves and see what we thought about what she said. 

Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton (Chiller-in-Chief & Founder)

Aki: “They are into visuals and textures, they are [also] deep into the arts and creative fields. I can tell they don’t care so much about facial features, but [more about close-up images of the actual body] — Essentially, most of the images are close-up or have no face; you can’t identify who they are. There’s a deep desire to be able to feel something and really connect with these photos in a way that’s visual rather than intellectual.”

Cyndi: “It’s true, I like pretty things. What Aki didn’t know is that all of my saves are work inspo. But, I actually wonder what I’d favorite if my mind wasn’t always on work and creating or curating content for Chillhouse and The Chill Times. It’d probably be a lot of inspirational quotes or clothes and accessories I can’t afford. Maybe the occasional dog meme here and there. I think had she have known that these were all work-influenced, she would’ve said I was a workaholic and called it a day.”

Raven Ishak (Editorial Director)

Aki: “Either they want to cook or cook more, there is a lot of food. They seem to be a person with family. I think she is really looking for a way to take herself out of work, not an escape, but needs time for herself and close people. She might be a little tired.”

Raven: “Well, if by family she means me and my fiancé, then yes. While he does sometimes tend to act like a three-year-old (love you, babe), I haven’t birthed any kids just yet (sorry, familia). However, she did nail the reason why I cook in the first place: it tends to be a meditative experience for me. No matter how tired I feel at the end of the day (which she also nailed so eloquently — is it because of my under eye circles?) I and my fiancé will try to cook a meal together because it kind of gives my brain that signal for me to reset and relax. While I’m no Gordon Ramsay, cooking is an outlet for me to let loose and catch up with my future hubby, and that’s why I’m always on the search for tasty recipes. Have any you want to share? MESSAGE ME!!”

Reza Moreno (Editorial Intern)

Aki: “This person is a beauty person, that’s probably very obvious. Also, this person might play [it] safe, it’s more like she wants to break free, but there’s something that’s not letting her do that, using the work as a container or actually something deeper that hasn’t come out yet.”

Reza: “Okay, I find this mysterious AF. I do not know what she means, but I find it so intriguing and want to know why I may put myself in a container? Yes, I am a beauty person, she did get that right — the rest is a mystery to me. I want to know more! What am I breaking free from?”

Anthoni Dippoli (Senior Manager, Events and Partnerships)

Aki: “There’s [a lot going on and he doesn’t focus on just one thing], they take things lightly and don’t really care about too much, [they] seems to connect with something bigger than [these images], something deeper, a deeper philosophy, not just surface-level pop culture that’s easy, but something that is deeper that they want to get in touch with.”

Anthoni: “Truth.”

Eryn Ammons (Digital Assistant)

Aki:They are into fashion or fashion products and interested into wellness through the lense of fashion. Either likes yoga or does yoga already, not sure. Interested in product, some sort of fashion editor or collector of information, more about work than the other ones. Hard working and always thinking about work.”

Eryn: “My personal Instagram is definitely a reflection of the work I do, now that I use it as a primary tool for sourcing and creating content and overall inspo. She is spot on about the importance of yoga going on in my day-to-day life. As well as my interest in how fashion can be a reflection of one’s personality and creativity, I work in a creative field so I find that when I show up to work looking and feeling my most creative and expressive self, I enjoy my days much more and am a more productive person.”

Allegra Thomas (Partnerships Assistance)

Aki: “I see a person who tries to take things not too seriously, definitely a woman who is in touch with their femme sexuality, interested in luxury things, her interests are culturally relevant. They come from or raised to be in multicultural situations, possibly interested in politics through the lens of feminine.”

Allegra: “Okayyyy, well! I feel like she nailed this. My mom is from the Philippines and my dad is white so the multicultural upbringing is definitely something that has influenced my day-to-day life, though I never expected it to be prevalent in my Instagram saves. Definitely always eyeing luxury goods that I don’t have the funds for, and into pop/celebrity culture as well. Assuming that not taking things too seriously would refer to the memes and the dancing video (s/o @tinygentleasians), which I think rings true. As much as I love aesthetically-pleasing pics and have my favorite bloggers and influencers to follow, I definitely follow a fair amount of meme pages as well, lol.”

Save an unhealthy amount of Instagram images, be sure to DM us on @thechilltimes, and we’ll try to analyze it for you! 

Feature image via various artists from Instagram

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