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5 Ways to Budget That Won’t Take Away from Your Daily Matcha Habit

by Jocelyn You

In a spending-heavy culture, it’s hard to resist buying what’s new and sometimes unnecessary, because let’s face it, spending is fun. If the spending is taking a toll on your bank account, here are five ways to budget that don’t take away from your daily matcha habit.

Pay Attention to Sales

Every day, our phones get flooded with e-mails and notifications about our favorite stores having sales. Paying attention to sales can go either of two ways: turning off notifications so that you’re not tempted to spend on unnecessary items, or you can make an effort to shop only when sales are available to avoid paying full-price for items. Decide which of the two choices is best for you, and watch how much money you save. Those extra few bucks that you didn’t spend on full-priced items or any items at all could go into your daily matcha habit because trust me, I get the importance of a good caffeine kick.

Take Out Cash for the Week

I’ve heard from multiple people that spending cash doesn’t feel as painful as spending on your credit or debit card. You get to see how much money you have right in front of you so that you’re not playing the bank account guessing game, and you’ll know when to slow down your spending when you’re getting low on cash. By setting a limit as to what you can spend for the week and having to actual handle your money physically, you’re less likely to swipe your card and overspend.

Break Your Piggy Bank and Take It to Coinstar

Let’s be real. The cute piggy bank that you have sitting on your desk isn’t going to last forever. When you notice that it’s full, break it open and take your coins to a machine or bank that will convert your saved coins into actual dollars that you can put into your wallet or bank account. You’ll be surprised at how much cash you can rack up just by saving your coins. Maybe it’ll even be enough to get you a year’s worth of matcha lattes.

Budgeting Apps Are Your Friend

Believe it or not, there are apps that are designed to keep money in your bank account. From Stash to Digit, a quick App Store search will give you a whole list of apps to choose from. Make it a goal to save a certain amount of money each week, and when your goal is accomplished, treat yourself to that matcha that you’ve been craving. Self-care means adding into your bank account and getting that latte you deserve, too.

Grocery Shopping is Good for the Soul and the Wallet

With a world full of food delivery services and new restaurants to try out, it’s not hard to ease up on your cooking and splurge on restaurant meals. The convenience and social factors of getting food at a restaurant are enticing, but the toll it takes on your bank account is pretty destructive. Instead, try grocery shopping for the week and cooking for yourself. A bigger grocery haul is still less expensive than eating out for most of your meals, and it’ll leave you some spending room to treat yourself every now and then. 

Pro-tip: buy a tin of ceremonial grade matcha powder and use it to make homemade matcha lattes. The process is simple: mix a teaspoon into hot water, pour over ice or into a mug, top with water or your favorite milk of choice. If you’re obsessed with matcha, this is an easy way to save $6 a day.

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