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The Organizations You Can Donate To In Honor of Women’s History Month

by Amanda Smith

This month is not only a time to celebrate women, post photos of the women who have impacted our lives, or even just remember the great women who have changed our world as we know it. It’s also a time to give back. Put your money where your mouth is! That’s why I compiled a list of 5 organizations you can donate to in honor of Women’s History Month! Whatever amount you can donate will go a long way! 

#1. Girls Inc

This is most likely on every list of organizations that help women but it’s for good reason. Girls Inc is passionate about developing girls as a whole. From education, to health and wellness, to mentorship and more, Girls Inc does it all. Founded in 1864 Girls Inc has come a long way and seen first-hand, how women have been oppressed throughout the decades. Serving girls 5 -18, in the US and Canada, they have programs for physical health and wellness, academic support, and your everyday life skills that not all girls have access to. I personally donate to them every Woman’s Day and love seeing what they do. 

#2. Women for Women International 

Another popular women’s organization, but this time, we’re going global. Women for Women support those who have been affected by conflict and war. Originally created in 1993, they have had the honor of helping over 500,000 women by teaching them the skills to get back on their feet, providing some basic necessities, giving them a community they can lean on, and doing all they can to promote positive change. 

#3. The National Women’s Law Center 

What I love about the National Women’s Law Center is not only that they fight for gender equality, but they offer assistance for those who can’t normally afford legal and court fees. Too often women are silenced from their abusers, those who take advantage of us in the workplace, and so much more. We are silenced because of society standards, media, but most importantly, because of the lack of resources. Women don’t always have the money to hire a lawyer, or at least a good one. Some of us don’t know where to start, or what we will need to start the journey to justice. They have a huge focus on women of color, LGBTQ+ community and low-income families. 

#4. Girls Not Brides 

As the name states, Girls Not Brides is a non-profit organization for girls who are victims to child marriages. This may not seem that common here in the US, but is very common in countries like India, Africa, and many more. Members of Girls Not Brides are actively working towards rescuing girls, and working with the countries that allow this type of abuse to happen. They help these girls with basic everyday skills, education, food and shelter and so much more. 

#5. Step Up

Step up focuses on women who are either entering or already in their higher education career and in need of assistance. I wish I knew of Step Up when I was a freshman! They work with girls in under-funded areas to get the assistance and community they need to propel their education further and start a strong career.

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