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Chill Face Has Landed

by Hannah Smith

We’ve done Insta-worthy manis, to-die for massages, decedent wellness tonics, and even curated a shop of our favorite, chilliest goods. We thought we did it all in the name of chill, and then we kept brainstorming. So where to next?

Chillhouse is pleased to announce the launch of CHILL FACE, a brand new facial program geared to be attainable, straightforward, and effective in delivering the results you want to see. To deliver those effective results, the LES hotspot partnered with one of the most well-known and established skincare lines out there, Dermalogica. Between the experts of chill and the experts of maintaining healthy skin, the CHILL FACE program is relaxation and professional results rolled into one comprehensive experience – that’s the #restingchillface way.

Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton, co-founder of Chillhouse, says, “I’m so excited to finally introduce facials at Chillhouse. We listen to our customers, and we know they deeply value inner and outer health, which is why we’re thrilled to officially dive into skin health. In true Chillhouse fashion, we opted to partner with the ultimate authority in skin health, Dermologica, to help us create our facial programming. Chill Face will deliver results and relaxation – but best of all, it’s simple, effective and great for all skin types. I can’t wait to see everyone’s resting chill face!”

The CHILL FACE program accommodates all skin types and concerns, and has created custom facials that help you target your most important concern and chilling while doing so. Facial prices range from $68-$138 so there is an option for everyone, and existing Chillhouse memberships can be adjusted to accommodate the new program as well.

So, What Kind of Facials Can You Expect?

In true chill fashion, Chill Me Out is a facial geared toward sensitive skin types to soothe, nourish, and protect while reducing overall redness and irritation. This little guy has no downtime, so you can carry on with your day all blissed out.

Make Me Glow is there for the days when your skin just isn’t having it – you know, slightly dull, visibly dehydrated, maybe even more prominent lines! Using a combination of deep exfoliation followed by potent hydration, this service will have you waving goodbye to dull skin and hello to dewy, plump, hydrated skin.

For those struggling with deep or persistent acne, opt for Clean Me Out. Designed to treat, prevent, and protect against blemish causing bacteria, a few of these treatments should have you feeling more clear and confident in no time.

All CHILL FACE services can be either 50 or 80 minutes, depending on your level of chill. Don’t have time for a full facial? Pop in for a Quick Face – in 30 minutes, you get a high impact treatment tailored to your top skin concern through the choice of one personalized method, such as resurfacing, extractions, or deep treatment.

It wouldn’t be a Chillhouse service without a selection of gorgeous add ons to choose from! For $10-$15 more, try adding a little GuaSha to help de-puff, a little LightStim to help with acne or signs of age, or even a simple aromatherapy. Regardless, you’ll be pleased with the results.

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Feature Image via Chillhouse

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