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Taurus Self-Care Guide

by Hannah Smith

Welcome to Taurus season, a time for confidently indulging in the finer things in life. Notoriously called stubborn, Tauruses know what they want – and what they want are the finer things in life (can ya blame them?!) These earth signs knows how to chill, but don’t take their laidback energy for granted, there’s more to the bull than meets the eye. So what elevated classic does a Taurus need to help them chill out?

Like we said, Tauruses enjoy the finer things in life, and the Editor-in-Chill Chill Tips are exactly that. They’re an elevated take on the most classic Chillhouse design and are sure to find themselves gracing the finger tips of many, many Tauruses (for weeks at a time, too).

  • Chill Globes: Ice Massage Facial Tool

    Chill Globes: Ice Massage Facial Tool by Chillhouse
    Need This Now| $42

Because Tauruses are so great at indulging, these Chill Ice Globes are the perfect addition to their routine. They’re not a necessary step by any means, but they make facial massage easy and they help to tighten skin and give the effect of a mini face lift. Kept in the fridge for maximum chill, these globes are best when used in tandem with a face cream or oil.

  • Have a Chill Day + Night Face Duo

    Have a Chill Day + Night Face Duo by Chillhouse
    Need This Now| $88

Two oils are better than one, and every Taurus would agree. The Have a Chill Day + Night Face Oil Duo is perfect to accompany the Chill Globes to lend to a super luxurious experience in the AM and PM. The Have a Chill Day Face Oil is packed with antioxidants and Vitamin C for a glow to last all day and the Have a Chill Night Face Oil works to detoxify pollutants from the skin and increase elasticity – it’s a power duo you don’t want to miss out on.

What is a full routine for a Taurus without setting the mood? This Palo Santo and Chill candle is the perfect scent to accompany any Taurus at any time – with notes of Palo Santo and cedar wood, this candle is fragrant without being overwhelming and has an incredibly long burn time to guide you through many, many self-care moments.

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