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Aries Self-Care Guide

by Hannah Smith

Aries season is well underway, are you feeling yourself yet? This cardinal fire sign is known for being impulsive, feisty, and incredibly dynamic. Aries confidence is hard to miss, and Aries season only brings out their competitive, go-getter energy two-fold – there’s nothing wrong with that, but you definitely need to remind the Aries in your life to slow down, chill out, and prioritize self-care (you can’t take over the world if your tank is empty!). Some ideas to integrate self-love into an Aries routine below.

Sometimes self-care is as simple as doing an activity that requires your phone to be down – Chillhouse press-ons are a perfect at-home activity that give about 30 minutes of downtime. Discoteca is the perfect Aries design with its feisty, bold colors that make it an elevated take on a classic.

Like we said, Aries are feisty, bold, competitive, and they need downtime. The Have a Chill Night Face and Body Oil duo is the perfect addition to routine because it’s a great reminder to slow down and create rituals for oneself, even if it’s as simple as thoroughly enjoying a few steps of a beauty routine. The scent is so relaxing and will transport you to dreamland in no time.

Even though Aries need to relax right now, they definitely don’t want to be told what to do. Their independent attitude matches the energy of our best-selling Don’t Tell Me to Relax tee to a tee and is the perfect lounge piece.

Being a productive, creative, go-getter requires a lot of unbreakable focus, so there’s no time for hair to be your face. This Terry headband won’t leave dents in your hair throughout your time at the computer and can also be used when doing your skincare routine (its true intended use). No matter how you use it, it’s a great addition to anyone’s routine who needs a little extra focus.

One again, Aries don’t really like to be told what to do, so this guide is the perfect gentle nudge for the person in your life who needs to chill out. This guide is filled with exercises, interviews, and prompts that allow the reader to get to the root of themselves, what they love, and how to love themselves. It’s also downloadable, so you can reuse it again and again, revisiting prompts as needed.

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