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Five Women-Owned Brands That Rock the Kitchen

by Marti Rose Shanker

Like the nucleus of a cell, the kitchen is the heart of a house. Everything happens in the kitchen and one could even say life itself happens here too. Birthday celebrations, romantic at home dates, and more. In this pandemic, I’ve been spending almost 85% of my time in the kitchen: experimenting with new recipes, meal prepping, and have even renovated it to a fresh new design. For this reason and because it’s March, International Women’s Month, I wanted to continue celebrating our progress to gender parity by supporting women-owned businesses. Here’s how you can celebrate women ~all year long~ and for some, even put your money where your mouth is. 

Dress it Up

If you know me, you know that I can’t cook. But, I am the self-proclaimed queen of salads. I’ve learned how to make the best, most delicious salads from my dad and his homemade dressing recipes that have the perfect portion of spices to oils. With Sophia Maroon’s salad dressing brand, Dress It Up, I can mimic my dad’s salads with laziness, ease, and all without compromising taste and all natural ingredients. After speaking with Sophia herself and finding out that her company is a certified B-corporation, it made me love her dressings and brand concept even more. Sophia says, “salad dressings represent freedom; you’re giving people their evening back with homemade recipes in a bottle.” Personal favorite? Champagne dressing with a light salad: think cucumbers, beets, cherry tomatoes, and arugula. 

Studio Hecha

You know when a brand is ~that~ good when it sells out of its products almost instantly with every new drop. And this is Studio Hecha, an online destination for colorfully painted drinking vessels, vases, and dishes that are all designed in small quantities by female artist, Haley Ann Bradley (formally Robinson). She’s mastered the art of the creative hustle by creating cheeky yet functional objects, from ceramics to woodworking. If you’re the person who is an “anti-white-kitchen-cupboard,” this Portland-based artist’s happy-making designs are for you. Her cheeky, funky ceramic cup collection, which is inspired by Matisse, Bauhaus, and other artists, makes my heart palpitate on Instagram whenever I see them on my feed which, quite frankly, is a lot. Studio Hecha is not only a must-follow on IG but also a must-buy. 

La Double J

Dish towels are so underrated; people, never underestimate its power. You might not understand the value of an incredible graphic printed towel until you realize you’re using it every day, 24/7 for every possible cleanup and spill. Founded by fashion journalist turned creative director, J.J Martin, and her Milanese-based multi-hyphenate lifestyle brand, La DoubleJ, it’s known for its maximalist, eye-popping print designs on clothing, home decor, and more. With this cotton dish towel like the Wildbird Verde print, it’s the simplest way to add a pop of contrasting color to a kitchen that’s both functional and stylish. You deserve more than just a simple white kitchen, and there’s no better way to celebrate the fresh spring season than an intimate, cozy dinner party at home.

Canyon Coffee

How you start your morning matters, especially while being at home in a pandemic. Here’s a helpful step to getting your at-home coffee fix not only sorted but elevated as well: meet Canyon Coffee, the coolest coffee enterprise, and its co-founder, Ally Walsh. Since 2016, she’s been combining her love for travel and coffee with her business partner/boyfriend Casey Wojtalewicz. While their coffee profile may be varied from locations around the globe, Canyon Coffee always delivers coffee with an understated, natural California aesthetic. With each cup of joe, I love how they care about not only the beauty and ritual of preparing it but also having it all within the comforts of the home.


Would you ever use the words “sleek,” “stylish,” and “environmentally friendly” to describe disposable plates and forks? Probably not.. until now thanks to two former fashion alums, Allison Watters Vartolo and Alison Girschick Egan, who are the co-founders behind L’Entramise. Together, they’ve created uniquely designed and curated single-use tableware products for all your hosting and celebration needs. It combines everything you’ve ever wanted: a beautifully designed tablescape that’s half the price of rentals. Forget flimsy paper or plastic dishes and think more like soft, paper napkins that feel like real linen and impressive crystal-like plastic drinkware. This fulfills an area of party planning that’s in high need with convenience, and their website even gives you inspirations about how to plan your tabletop vision in your kitchen. Next time you have an intimate (safe) dinner party in your kitchen, this is how you do it. 

Feature Image via Victoria Morris

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