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What Your Sleep Pattern Says About You

by Amanda Smith

There are so many different types of sleep patterns out there. Maybe you’re an early riser or a night owl. Maybe you toss and turn or maybe you have really vivid dreams. Either way, it shows something about yourself that you might not know…or maybe you do, in which case you should leave your findings in the comments below! I’ve been studying my own sleep patterns over the last few months and I’ve learned so much. Here are my thoughts. 

Early Bird Gets The Worm

My boyfriend is an early bird and a really good one at that. Oftentimes he wakes up before his own alarm, and it can’t be easy because he leaves his phone on the other side of the room. So he actually has to get out of bed to grab it…. daunting for someone like me. I’ve taken a good look at people like him who enjoy getting up early and if you’re one of them keep reading. You probably enjoy structure, a schedule, making to-do lists and you enjoy having time alone. You want to be up before everyone else so you can get a head start on the day. Your friends and family would say you’re extremely determined and hard working and if anyone were to be successful, it would be you! 

Night Watch 

Unlike my boyfriend, I always get a burst of energy at night. I find the most creative time for me is when I have already tucked myself into bed….which usually results in me burning off that mental energy on my phone. A habit I’m trying to break. This makes a lot of sense now after looking back at my childhood and thinking of all the times I would play in my room after my mom went to sleep, or felt the urge to suddenly re-arrange my furniture at 3am. Either way, I’m definitely someone who hits the snooze button once or twice (or three times.) This isn’t a bad thing and it doesn’t mean I’m lazy or unproductive just because I don’t enjoy waking up early. In fact, many night owls tend to be the artistic creative types. If you’re this way you probably enjoy lots of color and have hobbies like pottery, music, or writing. You tend to be the person in you friend group coming up with the great ideas, and your friends know they can always lean on you. You’re adventurous, fun, curious and open minded! 

Toss & Turn(er) 

So you toss and turn a lot in your sleep – like many people this is a common sleeping habit that stems from a variety of reasons. It could be that you’re simply uncomfortable or dealing with a lot of anxiety, in which case you may want to address so you can really catch those Z’s. If not, it could be a means of displaced energy. Your body and mind had built up energy and tension, it just doesn’t know how to release that. This doesn’t always indicate something is wrong, but if this is a consistent state of being when you sleep, it’s important to find ways to exhaust all your energy before you go to bed. Maybe an evening work-out routine or phone call with your talkative friend will help wear you down. 

The Talker 

Maybe you’re normal and you haven’t gone down a black hole on TikTok of people recording what they say in their sleep, but in the rare case you have, hi, let’s be friends! On a more serious note, it’s actually more common than you’d think to talk in your sleep. Of course in some situations this could be a sign of a sleeping disorder, but generally speaking it’s not something to be afraid of. In all my research it seems those who talk in their sleep are more connected to their inner child. They have a curious mind and a need for outward expression. You may be the type of person who loves to talk or listen in your waking life and you enjoy activities like crafting, reading, watching movies, and being a mega fan of some fictional character. 

Shhh…The Light Sleeper

I find I am both a light sleeper and a night owl and it’s most likely due to built up energy and creativity. Although I enjoy sleeping in, if anyone makes a noise in the middle of the night, I have no problem waking up and being alert right away. I feel this will get me in trouble once I become a parent one day, but for now it’s not too bad. If you can relate you’re probably the type of person who is really in tune with those around you (and yourself). Maybe people refer to you as an empath, or maybe you even tend to cry whenever you hear a good love story. You’re more connected to your environments and allow them to become a part of you. This can be a great gift as it helps you make those around you feel safe and understood, but be careful with what you let attach to you and drain you of your energy. We’re only taking in positivity this year babes! 

There are so many other sleep patterns and characteristics, I could go on for days. I hope this helped you learn a bit more about yourself and see your circumstances in a new way. Of course, if any of these sleep patterns are inconsistent and prevent you from getting a good night’s rest, please consult a doctor for a medical opinion. If you have any sleeping knowledge or tips, don’t be shy…share them below!

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