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Chill Gifts: For the One Obsessed with Their Mane

by Hannah Smith

The holidays are finally here and you know what that means: Food, family, friends, fun, and of course, gifts. (There’s no shame if that’s your favorite part of it all!) We know that every person in your life deserves something special, so we’re here to make sure they get the best gift possible. With the help of Shop Chill, we’ve curated some of the best gifts to give this season. Oh, and if something on these lists seems a little more perfect for you than as a gift for someone else, well, we don’t see any harm in that, right? A gift to yourself definitely counts, especially during this time of year. 

We all have that friend whose hair we just envy, and if you don’t think you have that friend, you probably are that friend! Maintaining healthy hair can be lot of work, though, and rather time consuming, too! Grab some inspo to help take your friend’s hair care routine to a full blown hair-care ritual (you know, something you don’t mind indulging your time in).

Before you dive into product overloading your friend, encourage them to try a route they’ve not yet explored, potentially like supplements. These blends from HUM Nutrition include well known ingredients such as Vitamin E, Biotin, and Folic Acid, to name a few, which have all been proven to strengthen hair and produce healthier hair in the future. Think of it like starting from the root!

Wash day can be a long day for many, and as such, not everyone washes their hair every time they shower. Help them avoid getting their hair wet in style! These guys from Shhhowercap are truly the best – with no second, inner layer, this is crafted of a thin but breathable, water-repellent fabric that allows for a smooth application.

To help keep hair healthy and shiny, using oils is key, so why not take it back to a classic with this Moroccanoil treatment? Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, this is really what put Argan oil on the map as a staple in haircare in the western world. It can be used to condition, style, and finish the hair, so no matter who you gift it to, they’ll have a use for it!

These 3-in-1 edge stylers by Baby Tress are an amazing tool to have on hand for anyone who styles their hair regularly. With a comb to smooth and separate baby hairs, natural boar bristles to lay hairs, and even a pointed end to make sectioning off hair easy and look clean, there’s really nothing this tool can’t do. Bonus is that it’s small and comes in a carrying case, so it can easily be toted around for around the clock touchups.

Sea Salt spray is a classic styling spray, and any hair lover would be happy to get this this year. Made with organic salt, organic oils, and organic aloe, this spray adds both texture and shine while hydrating the hair. Best of all, it’s formulated without any alcohols, so it won’t strip your hair of its natural oils.

Another classic – need we say more? Everyone needs a comb, so why not give them a little upgrade with these insta-worthy options? They come in a variety of colors and shapes so you can pick one your recipient will really love.

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