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Five Staycation Ideas for Those Not Traveling Right Now

by Amanda Smith

It’s a tricky time as we all know, navigating the holidays during a global pandemic. We want to be safe and responsible, but also have a sense of normalcy. Maybe you’ve decided to do things differently this holiday season and not travel outside your state. Whatever it is you decide, we’re not here to judge! For those who will be staying close by, but in need of a getaway, here are five staycation ideas! You deserve this! 

Local Airbnbs

So you want to stay extremely close by but not in your own home! You want to feel cozy, and warm, but responsible. Finding an Airbnb in the same city as you or near you can seem a bit unnecessary. Why spend money to not go that far? Well, sometimes getting out of your own house and breaking up the day-to-day routine can be just the thing you need. You can find an Airbnb that has amenities that your home might not have, like a washer and dryer, a rooftop deck, or pool. These small things don’t have to cost you a fortune or require much travel but still give you the sense of being somewhere new! 

A Mini-Road Trip

Road trips are always a fun option if you want an adventurous but affordable getaway. Here on the West Coast, it doesn’t take that long to change up our scenery. Find a town or state under five hours away that you can explore, pack the car up, and go! Road trips are a great way to stay safe since you’re traveling within your own car and in control of where you go! Plan fun stops along the way, support local businesses as much as you can, create a playlist, find a good book to read, get the best snacks, and even bring a fun “get-to-know” you game for everyone in the car! This could be a good way to disconnect from the chaos of our daily lives while connecting with those we love the most.


Camping is not for everyone, but if you’re an outdoors lover like me, this could be the perfect way to unwind, get off your phone, lose yourself in nature, and re-center yourself once again. Preparing for camping can feel hectic, so do your research on the area you want to visit, get all the essentials and check the weather everyday! Everyone can agree that spending some time with mother nature is always good for the soul. Hiking, laying out by the lake, or even just reading a book by a campfire can help our anxious thoughts ease, our breath to slow down, and our body to heal from the noise we live in each day. 

Hotels/Bed + Breakfasts 

Okay so you feel confident enough to drive somewhere farther and want to pamper yourself a bit more – hell, you deserve it! So many hotels and bed and breakfast boutiques have started to open back up and are ramping up the guidelines on sanitization. Be sure to check in with the local area on their safety precautions and only do what you feel is safe and comfortable. Spend the morning sleeping in and watching reality TV reruns, or enjoying a jet bath in a master suit! Buy the expensive wine and cheese and do what you need to do to give back to yourself.


There are so many versions of off-the-grid-retreats and many of them can be costly. If it’s in your budget to find a specific retreat up in the mountains, go for it, but if not, no worries! Many cabins are famous for phone-lock boxes and encouraging their guests towards activities that don’t involve a screen. Getaway is one of my favorites for this. They have different locations depending on where you live and make booking online so easy. Plus you get to wake up to magical views every morning. I mean, who wouldn’t want that?

However you decide to unplug this holiday season is totally up to you! Just remember that you deserve it. You’ve earned it. So submit your time off from work, (or call in sick), pack your bags, and go! It’s been a rough year for everyone and this is the least you can do for your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing! Namaste and enjoy!

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