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So You Have Eco-Anxiety – Here’s What to Do

by Amanda Smith

You may have heard the term “eco-anxiety” floating around the social media these days and relate to those two words now more than ever! We understand and, frankly, we feel it too. As we inch ourselves closer to the end of the year, we have been reflecting on what this year brought and we’re not happy about it. Don’t worry though! Not only are you not alone, but there are a few things you can do to ease your worried mind and make momma earth proud. 

Breath. Find Your Grounding. 

It can be easy to scroll endlessly on social media and double-tap our frustrations and anxiety away. As important as it is to use our platforms to spread awareness and join forces, it can be a toxic place, even for the most pure intentioned. This is the time to step back, breath, and find your grounding. It goes without saying, but saving the world cannot lie on one person’s shoulders, and it shouldn’t have to! As a collective people, we have to find our place in this movement, and give back and participate in ways that are healthy for us. 

Take Action. 

Once you have taken a step back from the high intense emotions, we can put that anxiety into action. Look at your lifestyle and find ways you could be more eco-conscious. Maybe it’s time to boycott certain retailers, or cut back on animal products, or plant a garden in your backyard, or organize a beach clean up with your closest friends. Whatever it is, it’s something. It’s a step in the right direction, and it can be rewarding to see your passions turned into actions. Get your friends and family involved and multiply that action! You got this! 

Connect Back To Nature 

Although we are in the worst state of our Climate Crisis, there is still so much beauty around us. It’s important to remember what we’re fighting for. To connect back to our why. To connect back to where we came from. Take a walk around your neighborhood, or a hike at a local park. Beach days are a great idea too if you want something more relaxing. Just get outside and appreciate Mother Earth for all the majesty and beauty she is. 

Know When To Disengage 

This is so important in preventing future eco-anxiety when new terrible things happen. We can’t always control what our country or others will do, so it’s best to know when to disengage and focus within. We can use our voices to spread awareness; our votes to invoke change, but at the end of the day, we can force people to feel what we feel. We can’t expect people to change overnight. Learn when it’s best for you to get off your phone, to end a conversation, to not comment on something you see, to just be with yourself. This goes for everything in life but especially our planet’s state of being. Focusing on our health both physically and mentally is the best thing we can do to love our mother. 

We hope these reminders and tips help you when you’re feeling anxious. There will be more Climate Catastrophes in the future, but it’s on us to respond accordingly and take care of ourselves! Leave additional ways we can love on ourselves and our momma earth in the comments below!

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