Get Physical

Five Ways to Get Physical, Safely

by Hannah Smith

Even though restrictions have begun to lift some places, they’re tightening in others, so it’s clear the gym and workout classes of the past might not be in the near future. So what to do when you need to get moving and get outside, but you still need to keep your distance? Even without access to a private backyard, we got you covered.


I never really considered myself a huge fan of yoga, but now that I’m stuck inside, I’ve found it can be the perfect way to get moving. Take your mat to a local park with mask in tow or just pop in your backyard – either way, allow yourself a moment to gently move your body and stretch muscles tight from sitting inside, while allowing the sun to energize you. In a park setting, yoga is great because it’s solitary and you won’t move around, so find a place comfortably distanced from other people, pop on your mask, and start your practice!


I finally understand why dogs get so excited for their daily walks – something so simple can be such a relief when stuck inside most of the time. Though everyone’s surroundings will vary, this is definitely something everyone can do. On a nice day, aim to simply take a long walk. If hiking trails near you are open and you are following social distancing and mask guidelines, this is also a great option! City dwellers who don’t have access to a hike, we hear you – map out a long walk to get out of your neighborhood and explore a new park or waterfront. It can be as simple as finding a farmer’s market that’s a little bit far and just deciding to stroll all the way there.

Ride a Bike

Bike owners out there, this is where you have the upper hand. Whether you want to go for a little circle around the neighborhood or pick a new destination to voyage to, the bike is a perfect way to get that exercise in. By no means do you have to be a professional, but even just a few minutes of mindless cycling will boost your serotonin for the day.


This should go without saying, but if you have access to a pool (or really, anything to swim in) during this pandemic, you better be utilizing it! Swimming is a great low impact way to exercise while enjoying the sun, but also without ever over heating. Bonus that you get to enjoy a true summer moment in a summer that hasn’t so far felt like a real summer.


Okay, meditation is in no way what you’d traditionally consider exercise, but we’re not always in the mood to be active and that’s okay! Sometimes, you just need a moment to connect with your mind and the earth around you to feel reenergized. Find a spot to sit in your local park or sit in your yard and do some simple breathing exercises. If you want to do more, feel free to participate in guided meditation on an app of your choice. Regardless of how you choose to meditate, it will boost your mood in the same way exercising does and give you all the mental benefits without the exertion.

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