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Our Ultimate Sweatsuits

by Hannah Smith

I’ll admit it: I went into this period of social distancing thinking I was going to save a lot of money. Don’t get me wrong, some bills have definitely diminished, but on the other hand, I quickly found myself buying leisure clothing that I really didn’t have before.  I mean, I never felt the need to pull the trigger on an aesthetically pleasing sweat suit when I knew I’d be notlounging, but now that I’ve been inside, and see myself staying here indefinitely, it’s time to really consider all of my comfy options. To help you pick out a favorite, take a look at some of our top sweat suits to choose from. 


You saw this one coming, right? I mean, it’s a classic for any millennial currently stuck staring at a screen (so, most of us).  Their latest loopback sweatsuit features a raglan cut crewneck and perfectly slim, but not too slim, sweatpants that taper at the cuff. The fabric is a super soft Japanese cotton, woven ever so slightly with a little recycled polyester to give a vintage vibe. Shop here.

Outdoor Voices

This is one of the best-reviewed sweatsuits I’ve seen out there, and with good reason. The cotton terry fabric is incredibly cozy and soft, but still lightweight enough to wear as we get closer to summer. The hoodie is just slightly cropped to provide a flattering fit, and the joggers are slightly high-rise and hit at a great spot on the body. Shop here.


If you’re looking for a no-frills option, this Stateline sweatsuit will be your go-to.  With a few styles (think: Work fit, Athletic fit, both hoodies and crewnecks) and colors (from neutrals all the way to bright red) to choose from, you can really build this to be exactly as you want it to be, and for a reasonable price, too. Shop here.


I have to admit I’ve never been someone to run for anything a Kardashian / Jenner has released, but the Skims Cozy collection almost broke me. Sure, it’s not a sweatsuit per say, but look how cozy this looks! Clothe yourself in a set made of literal blanket grade material – whether you want shorts or long pants doesn’t even matter, because you can order both! Bonus points: you can likely get away with it on video meetings, especially because the top looks more put together! Shop here.

Frank and Oak 

If you’re someone who prefers neutral tones, Frank & Oak’s Hybrid set will fit right into your wardrobe. The pants are elastic high-waisted and tapered down the whole leg for a flattering but super comfortable look. They provide the comfort of a sweatpant but look like a tailored pant and they even have a hidden pocket! The crewneck gives off the perfect baggy fit that could transition from a Netflix binge to a grocery store run in a flash. Shop here.

Out From Under

No sweatsuit list in 2020 would be complete without a tie-dye option, and Urban Outfitter’s private label has most certainly delivered.  Made of ultra soft fleece, you’ll be lulled to sleep (or just an insane amount of coziness) instantly, and with multiple color ways to choose from, there’s bound to be an option for you. Shop here.

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