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Six Crystals to Up Your Energy This Year

by Hannah Smith

Whether or not you consider yourself a spiritual person, crystals can truly be a beneficial addition to your self-care ritual. I know not everyone is sold on how crystals work, but if you believe that everything in the universe has energy, bear with me and trust in the energy of these crystals. For a successful year filled with opportunity and self love, keep some of the following crystals around your workspace, bedside, or anywhere else you need a little healing energy.

Green Aventurine

Also known as the Stone of Opportunity, Green Aventurine is said to bring new experiences into your life. (Fun story, I actually wore Green Aventurine for about a month before meeting a current partner of now six years!). Truly it can help attract whatever it is you’re looking to attract, whether that’s a little romance or a new work opportunity! Be sure to purchase it with a strong intention in mind and you just might see that intention pay off soon.

Tiger’s Eye

My sister gifted everyone in my family this for this past Christmas and it’s quickly become a favorite of mine. Tiger’s Eye is great for helping with mental focus and clarity, so if you feel like you have a lot to accomplish, a big presentation to make, and aren’t feeling super confident in yourself, you want to grab this. Keeping it on hand while you tackle tasks helps you do so swiftly and efficiently.


Looking for a little kick in the ass to get yourself back in gear? Carnelian is the crystal for you. This burnt orange crystal restores confidence, determination, creativity, and motivation, aka everything you need to feel confident to take on any of life’s challenges. Carnelian helps to remove anything from the path of success and continues to give you confidence to keep pushing down your own road – it’s like the personal cheerleader we all need!

Rose Quartz

We all need to cut ourselves some slack and show some self-love this year. This crystal is known to heal the heart chakra and bring in unconditional love, and while self-love truly looks different for everyone, keeping Rose Quartz around will always encourage you to keep that self-love top of mind. Some even keep Rose Quartz in their bathroom amongst their skincare and beauty products as a reminder that small moments like that are not vanity and can be forms of self-love, too.

Black Tourmaline

You know when you’re around someone who’s having a bad day and before you know it, you’re also having a bad day? That’s because energy transfers and we feel that as humans! If you work in a crowded environment, have tons of housemates, or simply think someone out there doesn’t want to see you succeed, Black Tourmaline is your new best friend. This stone is said to absorb and therefore protect you from negative energy, so it’s a win-win.


Often called The Merchant’s Stone, Citrine is known for attracting abundance, specifically when it comes to money. Not only is it known for its ability to manifest money so powerfully, but it’s also hailed for its ability to maintain wealth – meaning it’s not going to bring in $1K and then leave, rather, it will steadily help you achieve financial stability. Household tales say that putting citrine in the corner of your house most left of the door will help bring that money in quicker.

Of course, there’s tons of other crystals out there to choose from, but this is a great place to start. Remember when shopping to shop crystals as ethically as possible and enjoy the path they lead you on.

Feature Image via Stocksy

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