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We Love Multitasking Products, Here’s Some of Our Faves

by Hannah Smith

You know that feeling when you find out a dress has pockets? It’s truly a magical moment to discover when something has multiple uses, and frankly, I love a multi-tasking product for the simple time saving benefits. Because I’m sure you do, too, check out some of our favorite multi-tasking products to indulge in below.

Setting Spray Meets SPF

Even though we’re currently staying home as much as possible, with summer around the corner, SPF is a must-have. And whether you prefer a full beat or a natural look, this setting spray from Supergoop! is a great addition to your routine. Spray all over your look as your absolute final step – your makeup will set and you’ll deliver a whopping SPF 50 directly to your skin.

  • Defense Refresh Setting Mist

    Defense Refresh Setting Mist by Supergoop!
    Need This Now| $28

Highlighter Meets Hydration

These little highlighting sticks are some of my favorite. The formula is highly hydrating, with ingredients such as olive oil, jojoba oil, and shea butter (to name a few), but the applicator is so small that you can add a little shine to any area of your choosing. Give it a whirl on your Cupid’s bow, collar bone, or any area you want to look a little more glowy.

Solo Play Meets Partners

Sorry if this one shocked you, but yes, even this vibrator is multi-tasking. The tether comes off and can go back on this powerful vibrator, so you can use it all on your own or even let your partner give it a whirl to spice up your usual activity.

Eyes, Lips, Cheeks, Oh My!

This little pot from NOTO Botanics is really handy to have because the color can be applied to your eyes, lips, and cheeks with just the swipe of a finger. If you ask us, it’s the perfect 30-second look to apply prior to that Zoom meeting you forgot about. It’s also hydrating, so it doesn’t flake or clump on any textured skin.

  • Multi-Benne Stain Pot in Oscillate

    Multi-Benne Stain Pot in Oscillate by NOTO Botanics
    Need This Now| $25

Perfume Turned Aromatherapy

We all know aromatherapy has proven to be beneficial when dealing with anxiety and stress, and we pretty much all wear a scent each day… so why not combine the two? This functional fragrance from The Nue Co does this with ease – with scents like Palo Santo, cardamom, and cilantro to name a few, this leaves a unique personal scent and calms the senses upon application.

One-Step Makeup

NOTO really does kill it when it comes to producing multi-tasking makeup, and this cheek and lip balm is no different. Add a quick wash of color (there’s three beautiful shades to choose from) over your lips and cheeks to bring life back into your skin if you need it. Th

  • Blush Shimmer Cheek & Lip Balm

    Blush Shimmer Cheek & Lip Balm by Olio E Osso
    Need This Now| $28

Touchup with Protection

If you’re one to grab a little powder to help keep any forehead skin at bay, next time, opt for this one from Supergoop. It contains SPF 30, so not only are you refreshing your look, but you’re refreshing your SPF, too, which as we all know is incredibly important, no matter the season.

  • Mineral Invincible Setting Powder

    Mineral Invincible Setting Powder by Supergoop!
    Need This Now| $30

Feature Image via Hannah Amini

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