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What Are Your Beauty Tools Actually Doing?

by Hannah Smith

As skincare has become a staple of self-care, everyone has been looking for ways to make their routines more indulgent. Now, influencers, editors, and everyone in between has a beauty tool they swear by. While some genuinely do see results, some aren’t sure what they’re doing but simply know it feels good. To help you determine what beauty tool you should reach for, read ahead on the benefits of some of the most common beauty tools on the market. 


“GuaSha,” which directly translates to “scraping” in Chinese, is an ancient East Asianhealing practice in which a practitioner takes a flat tool and, using a generous amount of pressure, pulls it across the skin to increase blood flow. It was originally intended to break up stagnant energy, called chi, and promote internal healing. Now, GuaSha is used to help drain the lymphatic system, ease muscle tension, and help with symptoms of chronic pain, many of which are tied to inflammation.

Beauty Roller

There’s only one beauty roller that’s rolled off the tongues of a hoard of celebrities, and that’s the Nurse Jaime beauty roller. This slim, metal roller helps to debloat your face, through the shape, but also due to the cooler nature of the metal. The effects are similar to that of GuaSha, but more immediate and less long lasting, making it perfect prior to an event. 

LED Mask

LED light therapy benefits can vary, depending on the kind of light your device uses. At-home devices usually give the option of blue or red light – blue light helps to kill acne causing bacteria and slow down oil production, whereas red light increases collagen production to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. I personally use a handheld blue light, and I feel as if I’ve seen a difference in my skin, but the key is to not overuse. Of course, if you get a laser facial done professionally, you’ll be introduced to other lights, such as green for hyperpigmentation or purple light for lymphatic drainage and general rejuvenation. 

Jade Roller

A jade roller is truly the gentle cousin of both the GuaSha and the facial roller – most importantly, it helps to drain lymphatic fluid from your face to help you achieve a de-puffed look. People often use a jade roller in the morning to help take away eye puffiness or to help roll skincare products deeper into the skin. For those who have sensitive skin, you might find the jade roller works best. I am quite sensitive, and I unfortunately, bruised the first time I used a GuaSha at home! Obviously, there’s a lot of mistakes the unpack there, but the jade roller provides more even pressure, so there’s less of a chance to damage the skin.

Microneedling Tool

The jury is still out on whether or not at-home microneedling tools are actually effective, but avid users swear by it nonetheless. Microneedles puncture the skin incredibly superficially, but that puncture causes your skin to go into repair mode. “Repair mode” for skin is increased collagen production, so you’ll see an increase in elasticity and reduction in scarring, to name a few. Because of this, people look to microneedling tools to help slow down signs of aging and to heal any indented acne scarring. 

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