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What These Four Wellness Experts Carry in Their Bags

by Sabi Datoo-Lalji

There is something strangely satisfying and somewhat voyeuristic about seeing the contents of another person’s bag. Literally, one search on the old YouTube and you’ll find countless videos that pop-up of nothing more than people talking through their personal items. It was in light of this phenomenon that we wanted to take things a little further and ask what our favorite wellness experts carried in their handbags — because we’re nosy like that. After all, one woman’s possessions are another woman’s aspirations, right? (We’re definitely coining that phrase as ours, BTW). So, we set out to ask a few fabulous and chill women about the contents of their totes, and here’s what they had to say:

Danielle Duboise & Whitney Tingle

Founders of Sakara Life

Photo credit: Lianna Tarantin for Sakara Life

Whitney and Danielle are the co-founders of Sakara Life, an organic meal delivery program that ships good, clean food right to your door. Having grown up around the benefits of natural eating and holistic health, they felt the need to bring their knowledge and experience to busy-body New Yorkers, and we’re soooo grateful!  

Here is what’s inside their bag:

For Danielle:

  • Coola lip balm.
  • Detox bar – as a great snack to squeeze in blue spirulina, plant fiber and 10g protein on the go.
  • Spirit Babies – I’m due in July and reading and growing (in body and mind!) every day.

For Whitney:

  • Both Beauty and Detox* Water concentrates to supercharge my water all day long, and keep my cells happy + hydrated.
  • An extra pair of heels because I love to wear them but I also need to be able to walk everywhere in the city.
  • Bose wireless headphones.

Ashli Stockton

Founder of Sunday Forever

Photo cred: Casey Crowe Taylor

Ashli Stockton is one of our favorite humans. She’s the founder of Sunday Forever, a lifestyle brand which offers mindfully-curated treasures like candles, crystals, and kimonos. Her goal is to bring you accessible magic, allowing you to feel like it’s Sunday, every day.

Here is what’s inside her bag: 

Esme Benjamin

Wellness Editor at The Culture Trip

Photo credit: Elie Dahdouh

Esme Benjamin is the wellness editor at The Culture Trip, an inspirational travel guru, and certified yoga teacher. From smudging to the latest fitness class, Esme will know about it and give you an honest account of how to get the best zen-experience out of it.

Here is what’s inside her bag:

Feature image via Madison Terry 

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