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AirBnb Destinations for Our Inevitable Wanderlust

by Allegra Thomas

We’ve officially been (mostly) home for just over two months, and depending on where you live, you might be looking at closer to three. It’s safe to say cabin fever and the travel bug have officially hit, right? Though some cite a fear of flying post-COVID (a completely understandable fear and anxiety right now), others cannot wait until it’s acceptable to jet off to the next destination. So whether you’re actually planning a 2021 trip to forget this ever happened or if you’re just looking to let you mind wander, take a look at some of the dreamiest AirBnb destinations around as curated by two of Team Chill’s most well traveled gals.

Mexico City, Mexico

Last year around this time, a few friends and I went on a trip to Mexico City and had the absolute best time. Of course now, with the endless hours at home, I’m overly nostalgic about everything we did, saw, ate, and drank on that trip and can’t help but search for places to stay when I’m able to go back. This Airbnb is perfectly located in the center of Condesa, which is a quaint neighborhood with beautiful parks, great restaurants, bars, and cafes and very friendly people that are open to giving recommendations, helping with directions, and just welcoming you to the city. CDMX is also a relatively affordable place to visit, and easy to get to with lots of direct flights in and out, AKA the perfect post-quarantine trip when being mindful of a budget is always valuable, and you’re eager to just enjoy somewhere other than your home.

Conca dei Marini, Italy

The nostalgia doesn’t stop for me at the Mexico City trip, and is possibly even stronger for the vacation I took to the Amalfi Coast last summer. Watching The Talented Mr. Ripley from my couch and oohing and aahing at a 1999 shirtless Jude Law galavanting around Italy didn’t help my travel bug either. That said, I now can’t stop dreaming about staying in this home! The interior is everything I could hope for from an Italian holiday, complete with antique tiles and crisp white linens, while the views outside go on forever. Conca dei Marini is a town on the coast, situated between the major destinations of Positano and Amalfi, that is a little quieter and less crowded but still a *quick-ish* bus ride to anywhere you want to go.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo has been on the list of places I want to visit my whole life, and continuing with the theme of movies I watched during quarantine to shape this list, Lost in Translation confirmed my 3rd pick of Airbnbs I hope to visit. While it lacks a bar to run into Bill Murray at, like the hotel in the movie, it seems spacious, sleek, and clean and the perfect homebase for exploring all of Tokyo. Counting down the days until I can pack my bags!

Kerkhonson, NY

Of course, not every Airbnb pick has to be thousands of miles away from Team Chill’s homebase of NYC. There’s something so special about a local weekend trip, and The Elton House delivers just that being just a few hours outside the city. The home makes it impossible to not enjoy both the great outdoors, and indoors, with a kitchen fit to entertain, and a yellow book nook fit to nap. Plus, with room for 6 guests, it’s the perfect spot to post up with friends and family you’ve had too much distance from these past weeks.

Stockholm, Sweeden

First on my list has to be Stockholm, Sweden. Since my first visit to the region in 2017, I haven’t been able to get enough of Scandinavia. Practically every single day of quarantine (and many of the days before it), I’ve had intrusive thoughts about wishing I was in Copenhagen, Sweden, Oslo– you get the picture. To be basking in the seemingly endless Nordic summer sunshine with my friends right now would be nothing short of a dream, so that’s why I picked this summer home just outside of the city. It’s got all the charm you’d want from a place in Downtown Stockholm, but with all the extra space and greenery (plus that chic dining setup really sold me). In a perfect world, we’d be here stocking up on Scandi fashion brands, eating delicious food (emphasis on candy, which they do so well), drinking some of the best coffee I’ve ever had, and just… sitting? In all the beautiful spaces that they design and furnish so well? My heart yearns for it. It really, really does. – Susie Benitez, Community Coordinator

Madrid, Spain

Madrid is a city very close to my heart. My extended family hails from Spain, so when I visit I feel such a sense of belonging and an overwhelming wash of memories. Madrid was the very first city I ever travelled to by myself as well, so my memories are that much more fond. The museums (specifically the gargantuan Goya museum), the warm and wonderful sunshine, the gorgeous and never-ending Buen Retiro park, the winding streets, and the ice cream stands on every corner (a personal favorite since before I can remember) all call my name. I’ve always wanted to take a trip with friends and show them what Madrid has to offer because so many of my friends have actually never been! So this Airbnb in the heart of Malasana (one of the cooler neighborhoods in Madrid), felt like a perfect fit. The interior feels true to the creative and color way Spanish homes are decorated– with a modern flair of course. And yes, before you ask, that green gallery wall with the hanging chair is a huge selling point for me.
In a time where all I crave is a sense of the familiar and of the normal, a vacation in Madrid seems like the best medicine. Sigh… if only. Until then, I guess I’ll just get my fix by watching La Casa de Papel on Netflix, which by the way, I can not recommend enough. – SB

London, UK

Last but not least, my most favorite city in the world. I don’t have enough kind things to say about the city of London. In fact, if I tried, I feel like it would just come across as a bunch of rambling sentences about the airport or the grocery stores or the all the magazine shops. I could stay just about anywhere in London and be thrilled just to be there– but this AirBnb really takes the cake in terms of dreaminess. Waking up in the heart of the best city ever? Steps away from just about anything I’d like to do? With a kitchen large enough to seat 16? (That’s a lot of English Breakfast tea to brew in the morning, but I’m more than willing to accept the challenge) I know I said Scandinavia would be my first trip once this is all over, and it probably will be, but a trip to London is a given. It’s an annual thing for me now, and although we might have to skip the 2020 visit, I know this town, and my dreams of staying in this Airbnb (a cozy, countryside vibe in the center of the city? I’m still shocked) will stay with me long after lockdown is over. – SB

Feature Image via Stocksy

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