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Celebrity Book Clubs You Need to Know

by Hannah Amini

As we round out almost eight months in quarantine, it seems like we simultaneously have too much to do and not enough. Although sheltering-in-place seems like the perfect opportunity to pick up the reading habit we’ve always been meaning to, the overwhelming feelings surrounding the precarity of our physical being and political climate make it hard to put in the effort to.

Enter: the book club. The structure and community surrounding book clubs make them the perfect segue into building a love for literature, and there’s nothing better than doing so under the guidance of a familiar face in pop culture. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite celebrity book clubs, and some of their past picks to get caught up on their repertoire.


Kaia Gerber entered the modeling world a bookworm, often seen in paparazzi shots with her latest read in hand, so it was no surprise when she started a book club in March. She discusses her selected readings over Instagram Live, often with the authors themselves.


Rapper Noname has been arguably the most powerful and consistent voice of the Black Lives Matter movement in the entertainment world. A firm believer in putting in the work to fully understand the racial disparities in our country, her book club highlights two books a month written by authors of color. 

Although we’ve listed shopping options on Amazon for ease, Noname (and we) recommends shopping local.


Actress Emma Roberts started Belletrist, alongside close friend and film producer Karah Preiss, in 2017. In their literary community, the duo highlights one book a month, with interviews and other supplementary content in between.

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