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Chill Gifts: For The Friend Who’s Always Up In The Air

by Susie Benitez

The holidays are finally here and you know what that means: Food, family, friends, fun, and of course, gifts. (There’s no shame if that’s your favorite part of it all!) We know that every person in your life deserves something special, so we’re here to make sure they get the best gift possible. We’re combing through the best sales and stores (basically doing a lot of the hard work for you) so all you have to do is wrap it up and send it on its way. Oh, and if something on these lists seems a little more perfect for you than as a gift for someone else, well, we don’t see any harm in that, right? A gift to yourself definitely counts, especially during this time of year. It’s all good holiday fun! Check out our Get Well gift guide here and our Get Ready gift guide here!

We’re back with yet another installment of Chill Gifts, which makes us officially over the halfway point! (And with less than two weeks left to Christmas if you can even believe that.) Today’s guide is allll about that one friend who you just can’t seem to pinpoint — on a map, that is. It seems like every month (or maybe even every week) they’re off to somewhere new and let’s be real, the only way you can really keep up with their constant travels is on Instagram. Got someone in mind? Well then, let’s get started (you know, before they take off again).


  • Jet Lag Mask by Summer Fridays

    Jet Lag Mask by Summer Fridays
    Need This Now| $48

    One of the buzziest face masks of 2018 happens to also make the perfect gift for someone who's always hopping from place to place. Combatting the effects of long-haul flights and jet lag (read: puffiness, dryness, all that fun stuff) with clean ingredients like vitamins, ceramides, and antioxidants. Now you can hop off that flight looking absolutely fresh. 6 hours? 9 hours? Give me your worst.

  • All Purpose Salve Travel Jar by Lauren’s All Purpose

    Lauren's All Purpose
    Need This Now| $30

    Space is limited when traveling, but finding a good multi-purpose product is no easy feat. Enter, Lauren's All Purpose. One of the most multi-use products we've ever come across has graced us with a travel-sized version of their game-changing salve, so you can ensure that your cuticles, face, elbows, knees, ankles, arms, hands, legs, feet (are we forgetting anything?!) stays moisturized wherever you find yourself heading next.

  • Mini Set by Sisters

    Mini Set by Sisters
    Need This Now| $26

    Let's face it, sometimes the body and hair care essentials provided for you on vacation don't quite cut it (if they're even provided at all!). B-Y-O- shampoo, conditioner, and body wash is the way to go to ensure a smooth vacay-- especially if it's Sisters. Not only are their products completely biodegradable and totally free of preservatives, sulfates, PEGs, silicones, or parabens, they also donate 40% of all their profits to women's health. So basically, if you're looking for a reason to not get this travel set, we can't give you one.

  • Chillin’ Ain’t Easy Blue Sweatshirt by Chillhouse

    By Chillhouse
    Need This Now| $60

    Flights. Are. Cold. There's no easy way around that fact, but there is an easy (and stylish) way to make it through the frigid temps. Our Chillin' Ain't Easy sweatshirt promises to keep you nice and cozy while completing your in-flight skin-care routine-- and if you don't have one, you can ask Cyndi about hers, it's pretty great. (Side note: All bias aside, this is truly one of the softest sweaters I have ever felt.)

  • Dressed to Chill Sweatpant by Chillhouse

    By Chillhouse
    Need This Now| $55

    And if you're reeaally feelin' the ~chill~ on your next flight (get it?!), grab the matching sweatpants and go all out with a full chill set. You'll be so comfy off the flight that you might not even change out of them when you touch down... and we don't see anything wrong with that!

  • Small Hunter Toiletry Bag – Sienna by Dagne Dover

    by Dagne Dover
    Need This Now| $35

    With all these little bits and bobs we've added to our list, it only makes sense that you'd need a chic way to keep them safe and organized. Made from a waterproof neoprene material and featuring several loops, pockets, rings, and pouches, Dagne Dover's organizer will do all that and then some. Our favorite is the Sienna color (reminds us of our beloved Chillhouse peach!) in a small, but these organizers actually come in a ton of colors and three different sizes, so there's something for everyone. (You can find all those right here.)

  • Teakwood – 17 oz by S’well

    Hydration is key when traveling, so a reusable water bottle is high up on our list. Drinking tons of water is great for your skin and overall health, but did you know it can also help ease the symptoms of jet lag? That's a huge bonus right there. S'well bottles are our choice for their near-miraculous ability to keep beverages ice-cold for 24 hours (as well as hot beverages toasty for at least 12) so you never have to worry about room-temp anything. (Plus, in case you didn't know, plastic water bottles are so out.)

  • Crossbody 3.0 Sling Bag – Olive by Urban Outfitters

    Crossbody 3.0 Sling Bag - Olive by Urban Outfitters
    Need This Now| $25

    There's nothing we hate more than being weighed-down by so much stuff while on vacation that you end up not being able to actually enjoy your trip! Have no fear though, 2018's buzziest item is here to save the day. The fanny pack embodies function and form, so we really just can't resist. There are so many options out there, but our pick is this one from Urban Outfitters because it's got a little extra sophistication (without all the extra $$$). However, if you're feelin' something a little sportier, they've definitely got you covered as well.

  • Tl2 System Digital Camera by Leica

    Oh, and make sure to capture all those chill mems you're making! While iPhones are getting better and better these days, nothing really replaces the quality and feel of a real camera. Leica's T12 is one of the best in the game. It's super sleek and durable thanks to its aluminum build and boasts a pretty impressive stats: you can record FHD 1080p videos at 60 fps and 4K videos at 30 fps. And did we mention it has a nearly 4-inch touchscreen, 32 GB of memory, and works on Wi-Fi? There's nothing stopping you from snapping to your heart's content!

Feature image by Ella Xu

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