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Five Social Media Accounts to Follow to Further Your Anti-Racist Education, and How to Support Them

by Hannah Amini

Social media, for many, is a respite during hard times. But, in the midst of a revolution, there’s no longer a place to use it as such.

As allies, it is our responsibility to take the initiative to search for anti-racist readings, petitions, and donation sites to put our time and funds into. If you’re having a hard time getting started, we’ve gathered up some of our favorite resources who have been guiding us through this movement, along with ways to support them for their labor.

22-year-old Dom Roberts’ distinctive graphics have been shared all over social media. She has covered topics ranging from social media etiquette to white fragility in digestible swipe-throughs on her feed and in-depth IGTVs.

How to support: Dom is creating a tee with her most memorable phrase: “Don’t ignore something because it makes you uncomfortable.” All proceeds are going to Black Visions Collective and Reclaim the Block. Keep posted for a presale date by following The Uncomfortable.

Millenial Black began as the official instagram page for author Sophie Williams’ upcoming book, but it has since turned into a hub for anti-racist resources. 

How to support: Head to The Millenial Black charity shop for prints, tote bags, stickers, and more. All profits made will be donated to charities fighting racism.

Good Humans Only wants to create a world of people who give a f*ck. Founder Karli’s goal is to address how privilege comes into play in the self-help industry and to make healing a collective issue.

How to support: Good Humans Only is selling a print on Redbubble and donating 100% of the proceeds to Black Lives Matter.

A lot of initially well-meaning allies take the hero route, and No White Saviors wants them to take a step back. No White Saviors wants to call out unintentionally harmful behavior, especially in regards to travel, tourism, and missionary work.

How to support: No White Saviors has created a GoFundMe to build a revolutionary library and cafe in Uganda.

Minaa B., LMSW is a social worker, writer, therapist, and wellness consultant based in New York City. She is using her unique perspective to address the feelings we’re currently going through, and uses her comment section as a place for her community to check-in on them.

How to support: Donate here to help Minaa continue to make therapeutic resources accessible to all.

Feature Image via Emma Trim

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