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Five Ways to Cleanse Your Room’s Energy

by Jocelyn You

Your room is your safe haven, and it’s where you both start and end your day. Long story short, it’s important to keep its aura positive and bright. When you cleanse your room’s energy, you’re giving it the ability to recharge and inspire you. 

Smudge Some Sticks

Not just any sticks, of course. I’m talking palo santo, sage, and other herb bundles made up of rosemary, yerba santa, or cedar. Burning (or smudging) these things can cleanse your room’s energy of negativity and clear the air. Many cultures from the Buddhist monks to the Native Americans have historically burnt sage, palo santo, and other healing herbs to capture bad energy and let it go. 

These smudge bundles are starting to be sold more and more as people catch on, and they’re reasonably priced, making it super accessible to get your hands on them. Not only are these bundles beautiful, but they work wonders in cleansing your room’s space. Create a ritual out of it, and burn it every night before bed or as soon as you wake up. Let that shit go.

Invest in a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Also in the realm of natural remedies to cleansing bad energy, Himalayan salt lamps have gained popularity in keeping spaces cleared. Because they have negative ions, they increase energy levels, creating an effect similar to the feeling one would get after spending time in nature. You know that peace, calm, and quiet you get while hiking in a forest or laying on the beach? You can get that in your room, too.

Not only do Himalayan salt lamps help raise positive energy frequencies, but it also cleanses the air around you. The salt absorbs dirty water molecules from the environment and traps them in its crystals through a process called hygroscopy, literally cleansing your room of impure air quality. 

Declutter Your Space

Everyone’s been talking about Marie Kondo’s Netflix documentary, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, and it makes sense. Kondo has some good tips to share, and perhaps the most important one is to throw away things that no longer bring you joy. When our spaces are messy and cluttered, it is a physical representation of our mental states, and the first step to cleansing your mind is to cleanse your environment.

After watching her documentary and learning some tips and tricks, I found myself with several trash bags of items that I had in my closet but knew I didn’t want. The satisfaction received from cleaning out your space and finally being able to organize it afterwards is unlike anything else. 

Become a Plant Mama

We’re human. We naturally become better versions of ourselves when we’re surrounded by nature and are able to absorb some of earth’s energies. Keeping plants around your space can help filter out bad vibes. I mean, think about it. They depend on water and sunlight- the two things we also depend on. 

It’s ideal to keep at least one plant in every room in your house, even your bathroom. Hanging eucalyptus in the shower will steam it and cleanse your energy, while bringing a beautiful aroma into your space. Keeping some green, leafy friends in your room will elevate your energy. And besides, you will learn how to take care of a living thing, and it’s even better that it’s important to you and reciprocates the same loving energy back.

Charge Up Some Healing Crystals

Of course, crystals are visually beautiful, but they also do the best job at cleansing your room’s energy. Healing crystals have been used to cleanse auras and energies holistically since the beginning of time, and it’s amazing that people are catching on. 

Keeping amethyst around your bed will aid your sleep and give you peaceful dreams as it brings calm, peaceful energy. Having rose quartz in your kitchen will give your food more nurture and nourishment for your body as it has healing, caring energy. Leaving obsidian anywhere in your bedroom is good for protecting against anxieties and nightmares as it soaks up fearful and unsafe energy. 

Healing crystal shops can be found almost everywhere, and if you are overwhelmed by the amount of crystals to choose from, the people who work there are some of the most knowledgable, loving people. Start charging your crystals in the sun to recharge your energy.

Honestly, the trick to cleansing your room’s energy comes down to using materials from the earth and your own abilities to better your life. When we use natural things to help our life, we fall in line with their frequencies and get away from the outside stress of the world. Shop some of our favorite ways to cleanse below.

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Feature Image via Vanessa Granda

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