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How to Create Intentional Spaces in Your Home

by Laura Erhart

Dorothy said it best while she clicked her ruby red shoes “There’s no place like home” — and isn’t that certainly the case? As most of us are working a job (plus a side hustle with busy social schedules and various other commitments in life), it seems only natural that we’re also looking for some sort of escape when we retreat to our own living spaces.

After moving four times in four years, I have found that arranging my living space with purpose allows me to feel a sense of comfort and peace no matter what other chaotic events overwhelm my life. Much like intentional living is any lifestyle based on an individual or group’s conscious attempts to live according to their values and beliefs, setting-up intentional spaces in your home echoes the same sentiment. Need a meditation room? A bigger kitchen and dining space if you’re all about entertaining? How about a home office/working space because you’re a freelancer? What about a separate space for the kiddos to play in any space where you can also settle in for a glass of vino with your partner and still feel like adults? Decorating your home with intention is actually a form of self-care.

Ready to take inventory and manage your priorities to intentionally set-up your home? Below are some ideas that will help you be on your way to creating intentional spaces in your home so that you can feel relaxed and renewed by the end of the day:

Cleaning and Purging

I know, the boring stuff first, but break out the Swiffer and Clorox wipes and really do a deep clean of every space and the items in your home. Donate or throw away items that no longer fit with your vision of your new living space and go ahead and light some sage or palo santo to really get rid of any negative energies that are still lingering. It can be hard to create a home with intention when you can casually see your bra laying over a chair or a pile of dishes hanging out in the sink. Taking this first step will allow you to see exactly what areas in your house to want to provide purpose to so you can come home feeling calm, cool, and collected.

Set a Purpose for Each Room/Space

Are you someone who literally comes home to shower, grab some sleep and change your clothes? (Same here.) If that sounds a little too familiar, try to focus on your bedroom/bathroom areas then. Treat yourself to some high-quality bed linens and towels, or nice-smelling candles and bath salts. Easily set-up your kitchen with just the bare essentials since you don’t really ever eat at home and have a spot right by your entryway for your keys, bag, coat, and miscellaneous accessories so you always know where everything is for a quick get-up-and-go lifestyle. Figure out your home routine and make the spaces in your home work for your lifestyle, so you can always feel safe and supported which allows you to recharge the proverbial battery.

Honor the Spirit of the Room with Decor

Now comes the fun part in my opinion — decorating! So you cleaned up your living spaces, donated or threw away items that didn’t fit in anymore with your lifestyle, and now you get to start over, right? Well, sort of right. Even though you’ve done all the dirty work and know the general purpose for each room/area, don’t go back to what you did before by just filling up the spaces with random stuff! For example, if you are creating a joint living/work space consider some floating shelves so that you have plenty of storage for movies, books and miscellaneous work files. You can also think about art or decor that is dual purpose – display the teapot you bought while travelling abroad. You use it every day anyway so let it shine in your kitchen or eating area instead of hiding it away and putting up a random “Eat, Pray, Love” sign from TJ Maxx.

When in Doubt, Add Some Greens or an Interesting Item

Having a houseplant or two is always a great idea to keep you grounded and connected to nature even if you’re in a very urban environment, not to mention the health benefits of clean air pumping through your house! Even if you have a very neutral color palette throughout your home, choose a piece of art, a throw blanket or even a coffee table book that adds a unique spark to the space because when you look at the item, you will have a story or fond memory attached to it which always makes for a great conversation starter. Bringing these items out of hiding will provide the warmth your house craves. Being surrounded with happy memories and nature not only provides your space with more purpose but can help automatically relax you after a long, tough day.

Choose Your Light

Light is so important in a space. The balance between the natural light your living space receives and what artificial lighting you choose for each room/area will allow you to set the mood to mirror the intention you seek. Use a mix of floor and table lamps, overhead lighting, wall scones, Himalayan salt lamps or candles. Also, think about what way your windows face and get window treatments to either block out harsh light or invite in the rising or setting sun. Feel free to play around with what set-up works best for the intention behind each space throughout your home.


Life is busy! We’re all hustling every day to meet our goals which is, of course, amazing, but that is why it is all the more important to set-up your spaces in a way that supports your busy life in whatever capacity. Get your home base settled so that you have a firm foundation below your feet to take off in whatever direction you’re headed to next. Your mode of transportation home might not be by ruby red slippers, but the space you walk into at the end of your day can still make you think that there truly is no place like home.

Feature image via Victoria Morris

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