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Big Night In: How I Found My JOMO

by Raven Ishak

I am a homebody. Don’t kill the messenger, but I prefer a night in with a tub (you heard right) of ice cream instead of going out to the club with the girls (sorry ladies, but we can get in formation another time). Truth be told, FOMO is *usually* not a part of my vernacular, and using guilt will not tempt me to go out. Unless it’s done by my Spanish grandma because she’s got that on lock.

Now, I’m not saying that I don’t love a good time—I’m human after all. I love a tasty cocktail or two after work with friends and I’ll go out to explore the city because, according to me, I do live in the best city in the world and it would be a crime if I didn’t. However, I believe staying in is the new going out. I like to feel cozy and comforted and I like to know that food is readily available whenever I damn well pleased. The thing is, I’m not really sure when this “wanting to be home” became part of my personality. One minute I was to going to clubs and staying out till god knows when, until the next thing I know it, I switched my gin and tonics for sweats and candles.

Luckily, I’m not the only one who feels this way. Thanks to social media, I’ve noticed that most everyone in my age bracket concurs with my new found love of staying in. We mostly all agree that canceled plans are preferred, going to bed at a reasonable time is welcomed, and spending hours on end in a bathtub is totally the norm. While I’m not sure if I would call this an epidemic, there has been a word floating around the internet that perfectly describes exactly what we’re all feeling—and it’s called JOMO (Joy of Missing Out).

According to INC. JOMO is the “emotionally intelligent response to FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).” Rather than panicking over the idea that you’re “missing out” on a fun opportunity, JOMO replaces that anxiety-inducing thought with a more chill approach to living life. Due to the fact that social media has given us the permission to be connected all hours of the day, it’s nearly impossible to not be tortured influenced by what everyone else is doing—even when we shouldn’t be. So instead of second-guessing if you should go out with Susan on a Friday night to that dope party she won’t shut up about, JOMO grants you the mental freedom to tell Susan a big fat “no” so you can go on your merry way without feeling shame or guilt for wanting to put yourself first.

However, this new way of living is not going to help you escape the cold, hard world overnight. Even though you now may be aware that JOMO exists, you still may need some “therapy” to help you overcome the trauma that FOMO has eloquently bestowed upon your life. Luckily, that’s where we come in.

With the introduction of our new spanky site, SHOP CHILL, we’ve created the ultimate stay-at-home package for you to have for a perfect night in. Whether you’re a pro homebody or you need some 101 lessons on how to Netflix the night away, this bundle and tips are here to provide the guilt-free staycation you’ve always dreamt of. So scroll below to read about all the items I personally used for my own Big Night In and why I believe you should get them, too.

My Big Night In

When I know I’m going to have a long weekend to myself, I usually anticipate two complete days of… doing absolutely nothing. I view myself as an introvert-extrovert, or how some of the cool kids call it, an ambivert. Essentially, I recharge my energy by being alone, but when I’m around people that I feel comfortable with, I love to talk and chat and listen. Don’t get me wrong, though, extroverts deserve a little R ‘n R, too, so don’t stop reading here just yet.

When I began my Big Night In, I automatically scheduled in a face mask and bubble bath combo. On Fridays, I usually go to therapy and by the time I get home, I either feel enlightened or contemplate my whole entire life, so drawing a bubble bath and doing a face mask right after my session normally help me relax my mind.


I’m really lucky to say that I have a nice collection of face masks to choose from thanks to my job, but when I saw that Red Clay Mask from Monta was in this bundle, I got stupid excited. I heard from around the office that this mask was amazing. It makes your skin feel soft to the touch and clean without over drying it. Frankly, I didn’t believe it at first. A clay mask that didn’t crack or make your skin feel dry as a desert? Yeah, okay. But, honestly, this just might be my favorite product from this whole bundle. After when you smooth the mask over your face, the Jojoba Oil and Prickly Pear Oil nourish your skin while the Rose Kaolin Clay and Moroccan Red Clay suck every poor decision you’ve ever made out of your pores after 10-15 minutes.

While the mask was working its magic on my face, the Salt Soap from Mater Soap was healing my body. In my bathtub, I sprinkled the rose petal, safflower, lavender flower, and bergamot essential oil mixture and let it melt into the warm water. Sometimes the aroma of bath salts can be a little overpowering; however, this Mater Soap was just right. Even though the rose petals were flowery in nature, their fragrance didn’t give me a headache like some others do.

When I take a bath, though, I like to make sure that I’m not just soaking in a tub of warm water, I make an experience out of it. Most of the time, I’ll incorporate a candle or two, play some soothing, relaxing music, and bring a large cup of cold water with some lemons to make it feel like I am at the spa. I also take this time to either meditate, write in my journal or catch up on a few articles I’ve been meaning to read during the week. However, my bathroom is rather on the small side (hey, thanks, New York), which means whatever candle I decide to use will easily fill up the space—so scent is key. Thankfully, the Big Night In bundle includes one of my favorite brands, Sunday Forever Rich and Fancy candle set. After I clipped the wick with the gold wick cutter that it comes with, I lit the candle with a match and let the smokey, cashmere scent fill the air. After 20 minutes in this makeshift oasis, I felt like a damn queen.

Just because bath time is complete doesn’t mean I should stop treating myself for the night. I headed to my bedroom and decided to seal in the good stuff that the mask provided with a few of my favorite skin-care products. Before, though, I made sure to protect my hairline by representing Chillhouse with their headband (oh, yeah, did you know that we sell merch now?). I’ll usually leave on my headband to keep my hair out of my face until all the products successfully soak into my skin and make it feel as soft as a baby’s bottom. Sometimes that take 10 minutes or 20. It depends on the products and exactly how maybe layers I decided to slather on. Hey, a girl’s gotta keep that glow somehow.


Contingent on the kind of week I’ve had, I usually do one of two things: binge an unhealthy amount of TV or hang with a friend or two during the weekend. However, for the sake of this story, I had to do something a little different—and let’s just say it involved an EVA II vibrator from Dame.

While I won’t go into great detail about how the rest of my night went because I know my boss will be reading this story (sup, Cyndi), I will say this: if you don’t purchase this vibrator, then you might as well purchase a ticket to the town of Sad Vagina because you haven’t lived until you’ve used it. The EVA II is great for single-player mode or “multiple-player” mode. With two wings on both sides of the body, you can place it comfortably in between the folds of your labia, let it sit on top of your clitoris and completely. Forget. About. It. I’ll give you a minute to pick your jaw off the floor, Karen.

With three different speeds to choose from, you can begin the night with a softer touch and pick up the steam when you want a little more. With your hands free, you can focus on other things, or bring your partner into the mix to spice things up. The possibilities are endless. Oh, if you don’t know, masturbation is a great way to get some ZZZ’s. According to mindbodygreen, “oxytocin and endorphins released during orgasm also encourage a restful state,” and it’s been reported that it can potentially help with insomnia. So do yourself a favor and watch some porn and get this vibrator.


Excuse me, though, I’m about to a pull a Kayne and interrupt my own story for a second and let you know that if a vibrator ain’t your thing, you can go down the “medicinal” route and chill your night away by using a Yew Yew pipe. I don’t smoke, so I can’t give my honest opinion on this product; however, our Senior Events Manager says, “[It’s] so chic and smooth and easy to clean!” So there you go.

Now that we’re back to our regular programming, I decided to complete my Big Night In with big deep-rooted sleep. I climbed into bed and reached for The Nue Co Sleep Drops that I conveniently left on my nightstand. The directions said I could take it up to 30 minutes before bedtime and either place the 6-12 drops directly underneath my tongue or in a glass of water. They also recommend taking magnesium for an extra boost of sleep if, you know, you’ve been having one of those kinds of weeks. The result? Essentially, it felt as if I was being coddled and rocked to sleep by my mama. The taste has valerian root, passion flower, chamomile, and catnip (yes, you heard right), and worked pretty quickly. I naturally go to sleep pretty quickly once I hit the bed, but adding the drops to my nightly routine really allowed me to stay asleep all night long. Once the drops were in my system, I put the Biochotan Charcoal Eye Mask over my eyes and went into a slumber sleep.


The next day I woke up looking better than ever. I could actually say #Iwokeuplikethis because of the eye mask. When used consistently, the charcoal fabric helps debuff eye bags and ease tension around the eyes. It basically feels like your eyes a getting a gentle hug. It’s quite lovely.

And that’s it! My Big Night In was a huge success because I had all the products I needed to make my night that much chiller. The only thing I would add to the bundle is a tub of ice cream and a puppy. But, I guess we can’t have everything we want in life. So I guess this package will do.

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