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Six Wellness Inspired Bevs to Make at Home

by Hannah Smith

Sometimes wellness can feel a little overwhelming, so let’s bring it back to the basics… you know, like what you put in your body. Though wellness stands on a pillar of doing what is best for your body and relishes in eating healthy, sometimes we need a little boost from an outside source like some of the amazing superfood blends we see all over IG. To help you get started, see some recipe inspiration on how to incorporate some of our favorite wellness blends into your routine.

Beauty Tonic Superpowder

If you’re in the market for an anti-aging booster, try this Wholy Dose Beauty Tonic in Pomegranate. Formulated with Marine Collagen Peptides, Biotin, and Beta-Carotene, this supplement will help to improve nail, hair, and skin health, as well as better joint health and metabolism. This can easily be snuck into a smoothie, but it’s recommended to mix simply with water until fully dissolved. Put it in a cocktail glass, and you’ve got yourself a fancy looking beauty bev!

Matcha Golde Tonic

A matcha latte is a classic, and one with a little turmeric has even more health benefits, like anti-inflammatory and extra antioxidant properties. If you’re looking to try something other than a traditional latte, try a citrus smoothie – the turmeric and matcha blend so perfectly with a citrus profile smoothie. Try romaine, orange, carrot, green apple, and a teaspoon of the blend! More inspo can be found on their IG. 

Plant Protein + Gut Food

Shake up your post workout beverage by introducing this Plant Protein + Gut Food by The Nue Co into your routine. You can keep it simple and blend it with a nut milk of your choice, or you can create a really great, fulfilling smoothie. Try banana, spinach, nut butter of your choice, nut milk of your choice, and a scoop of this protein – you’ll thank us later. 

Matcha Beauty Superfood

So maybe you’re not a fan of matcha with a dash of turmeric, and that’s okay! Opt for this matcha beauty blend, with added collagen and peptides to increase skin and nail health. A matcha latte is of course a classic, but you can try the ever so Insta-famous dalgona matcha – pour water over one scoop of this matcha superfood blend and add 1-2 tablespoons of sugar and whip until nice and thick! Top with some milk of your choice and enjoy. 

  • Matcha Beauty Superfood Powder

    Matcha Beauty Superfood Powder by Wholy Dose
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Original Golde

Turmeric on its own is great to help fight inflammation in the body, and this blend from Golde is the perfect way to weave turmeric into your routine. This would make a great smoothie, but it makes a fantastic latte all on its own. Pour water over the powder to mix, and then add your desired milk. Hot or iced, this is a great caffeine free refreshment. 

Debloat Food + Probiotic

This is a great blend to try if you’re feeling a little puffy from a night of drinking or simply need to help get things moving. This warming, aromatic blend of cinnamon, ginger, and turmeric to name a few is perfect to mix into coffee to give those extra benefits. 

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