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Slippers That’ll Make This Whole WFH Thing Easier

by Hannah Smith

Unless you’re going for an essential outing, footwear is something we haven’t seen or used in a long time. Truly – what are sneakers at this point? But because we’re stuck mostly inside doesn’t mean our feet don’t deserve a little love all the same. What’s a WFH outfit without a pair of slippers to complete the look? Team Chill rounded up some of our all time favorites below to keep you and your feet as cozy as can be.

Pottery Barn Faux Fur Booties

While these fur booties might look a little funny on your foot, I promise they check every box on a slipper ‘must-have’ list.  They’re super cozy, keep my feet warm while still being breathable, easy to spot clean if they get dirty and best of all, they are currently on sale! For days inside, they’re the perfect cushion for your foot, with no clunky sole. These come in unisex sizing and have a variety of available colors. -Allegra Thomas

Uniqlo House Slippers

These simple house slippers have been my go-to for a few years now. While I love to indulge in a soft, furry pair from time to time (especially in the winter months), these are great for every day use to simply feel like you’re not walking around your home in socks. They’re lightweight, flexible, won’t make your feet too warm (aka, one of my biggest pet peeves), have a super thick and bouncy sole so you feel like you’re walking on a cloud, and most importantly, they ring in for a grand total of $15. One of the best budget-friendly purchases I’ve ever made. – Hannah Smith

Lou & Grey EMU Australia Mayberry Slippers

Okay, I’ll admit, I’ve never been a huge slippers person. Since I was a kid, I’ve always been comfortable sliding around the house in a pair of socks, so slippers never felt like a must-purchase item for me. Any pair I had ever gotten throughout my life, or more honestly, been gifted, I’d never really worn. Enter: The Shop Chill launch. The day we launched Shop Chill, some of the team and I were given a whole set of chill items to wear for the day, like a towel on our heads, fluffy white robes, and you guessed it, a pair of slippers (and yes, before you ask, we went to all of our appointments dressed like this – even into One World Trade). Long story short, we got to keep the slippers, and suddenly… I was wearing them every single day at home. Maybe it’s because my apartment is exceptionally cold or because I had finally outgrown the socks look, but these slippers stuck. They are so cozy, and have great grip on the bottom. My toes are prone to getting cold and I can safely say: not anymore. – Susie Benitez

Restoration Hardware Ultrasoft Turkish Slipper

I admit, my slippers of choice are typically the white terry ones I snag at hotels when I’m on vacation. While they are a bit flimsy, I’ve trained my brain to think that every time I take a new pair out of their little wrapper, it’s like I’m back on vacation — very normal behavior, right? That said, in the age of “social distancing” there are no hotels or trips in my near future. Instead, there are these slippers that are far, far nicer and all things considered, cheaper than a stay at a luxury hotel to acquire the aforementioned slippers! They have the same plush, terry feel but with a cushioned sole so they hold up well. Let your feet take a trip to the spa while still staying home! – Allegra Thomas

LL Beans Wicked Good Camp Moccasins

In the world of slippers, these LL Bean Moccasins are an undeniable classic. From the suede outer lining to the cozy inner shearling lining to the full sole on the bottom, these are made to feel like a shoe with the comfort of a slipper. So if you find yourself keeping busy around the house such as cooking a new recipe or Marie Kondoing your whole space, these are the slippers for you. -Sara Sylvester

Ann Taylor Faux Fur Slides

Now, as I mentioned above, I was very lucky to have been gifted those cozy slippers. When I found out the price a little after receiving them, I knew they wouldn’t be something everyone could easily purchase, no matter how much I liked and endorsed them. So, after walking into good ol’ Ann Taylor Loft one fine Black Friday last year, I found a near exact replica of my favorite slippers and bought them right on the spot. The only difference (aside from the price) is the fact that they have a little less grip, so I’d say that these slippers are truly for the house only, while the ones I mentioned above can withstand a decent amount of time outdoors— that is, if you’re cool with wearing slippers out of the home. And on second thought… why wouldn’t you be? – Susie Benitez

Ugg Scuffette Slippers

Remember when I said I hate slippers that make my feet too warm? Okay, if you wear these when it’s not winter, that can be the case, but if you wear them in anything below 65 degrees, you’re good to go. These slip-ons are lined with shearling on the inside, so they keep your feet nice and toasty. (Pst, if you have sweaty feet like me, I recommend wearing socks in these – it will help maintain the shearling for a longer time!) They have decent grip on the bottom, too, so no need for a change of shoes to run and grab your packages or take the trash out. – Hannah Smith

Feature Image via Stocksy

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