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Team Chill’s WFH Playlists to Keep You Pumping

by Hannah Smith

Checking in on everyone! How ya feeling? Staying inside have you feeling a little bored? Perhaps stir crazy? Need something to keep you motivated, energized, or just something to shake up your usual playlist? We’ve got ya covered. Keep scrolling for work-worthy playlists directly from our team, cause sharing is caring, right?

Allegra Thomas, Special Projects Coordinator

Allegra has a little something for everyone, but if you knew her, you’d also know this mirrors her to a T. So whether you need a little Ella Fitzgerald to soothe yourself or Arcade Fire to pump yourself up, this playlist’s got it all.

Sara Sylvester, Events and Parnterships Manager

One might describe Sara as both upbeat and chill, and this playlist definitely reflects that.

Susie Benitez, Community Coordinator

Susie is the go-to for playing music aloud in the office, and you’re about to learn why. This curation will have you singing along, dancing in your seat, but definitely getting a lot of work done.

Hannah Smith, Editorial and Membership Coordinator

My music has always been all over the place, and this playlist embodies pretty much every aspect of it. We’ll call it a wild ride, to say the least.

Featured Image via Bridget Badore for CB2 x The Chill Times

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