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The Best Indoor Plants to Keep Us Company This Winter

by Jocelyn You

With the pandemic still raging in the U.S., it’s safe to say that many of us aren’t going home for the holidays, and there won’t be bars to dance in on the weekends to give us some relief from winter. Personally, I know how daunting it is to think of a lonely winter as I’m one of those people who is spending their first year of holidays alone! So to make things a little cozier, here are some plants that will keep us company this winter. Keep in mind that these babies are low-maintenance and ready to weather the year with you, rain or sunshine. 

Snake plant

Perhaps one of the most well-known house plants: the snake plant. When I picked one of these up at the Greenpoint Terminal Market a couple months ago, the girls who sold it to me told me that I would literally have to make an effort to kill this plant. It is durable and can withstand low and bright light as well as being low-maintenance in regards to its watering schedule. Personally, I water it with rice water once a week, spritz it whenever I remember to, and keep it on my window sill in pretty bright light. I feel kind of bad not keeping a strict schedule with her, but she proved herself and grew a whole new leaf without getting that much attention!


Another well-known, aesthetic babe. Not only are monsteras popular house plants, but they’re all over keychains, birthday cards, reusable tote bags, and even people’s bodies (I’m talking about myself. I have a monstera tattoo). These lovely plants are known for their beautiful Swiss-cheese-like leaves and their ability to be pretty chill houseplants. They only need to be watered every one or two weeks and aren’t that picky about how often you take care of them. If their soil looks wet and the plant itself feels heavy, you can skip on watering for the next few days. Plus, they tend to grow toward the sun- isn’t that sweet?

During the beginning of quarantine, I was away from my NYC apartment for four months and came back to a pretty sad monstera as she was stuck in my room without watering or sunlight for weeks on end. All it took was a couple months in some sunshine with plenty of rice water to get her bountiful again.

Fiddle leaf fig tree

Like many other plants, the fiddle leaf fig tree’s watering schedule is dependent on the season. We have one of these in my work office, and we thought it was dead when we walked back in after months of neglecting it. However, you only need to water it once a month in the winter and provide it with some sunlight, and it’ll basically come back to life! Of course, adjust your watering to your room’s temperature. Warmer, more humid weather requires more watering and spritzing as your plant will dry out quicker, and colder weather requires less watering as you don’t want to be overly affectionate with your lil bb.

Jade plant

Ah, my Asian grandmother’s favorite houseplant: the jade plant. I had a few of these growing up, and it always seemed well-taken care of. Now that I’m older, I know why! You only need to water this plant about once a month, and it can withstand varying temperatures. Growing up in hot Southern California, we often had the AC blasting for most of the year and the heater on for when the temp dropped below 70, and our jade plants always made it through.

Moth orchid

Last but not least, we have the moth orchid. I chose this plant for a few reasons: it can thrive in various lighting situations from low to bright, it’s not the thirstiest plant so you can be a little more lenient in your watering schedule with them, and they look like the orchard mantis’s in Animal Crossing, aka my favorite bug to catch.

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