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by Liv Schreiber

Whether you’re a freelancer, a student, or simply an amazing employee who lives for the hustle, NYC can be a tricky place to find the perfect work spot. If you’re not paying for a chic co-working space, the spots to work from can seem limited to say the least. Yeah, you have your typical Starbucks, but those can get boring after a few visits… or one. Why not venture out and explore all that the city has to offer? After moving to NYC and growing tired of the same old, I made a constant effort to get to know the best and coolest spaces in the city to work from. From creative spaces, to cafes, to just tiny spots with WiFi, there are more work locations scattered throughout the city than you could ever imagine. Find your new go-to in our favorites below.


Who says you have to just do work in a coffee shop? Any spot that has chairs, tables, and some great WiFi is good for me. Did you know museums provide Wifi, too? If you’re headed to a museum, or any other creative space to get stuff done, don’t forget to throw a few snacks in your bag- you can never be too prepared.

For artsy photos and a historical vibe, head to The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Talk about studying art history! This is a gorgeous spot to both study and marvel at the beautiful pieces that capture hearts around the world. This spot is amazing, especially on Mondays (AKA it’s less busy and there are museum deals!) to sit and work in. Head to the quietest corners of the museum to find the perfect spot.

For a completely silent, museum-esque space, head to The New York Public Library

Complete with free entry, free WiFi, and ample workspace, this is the place for you if you prefer a zero distraction kind of environment. Stacked floor to ceiling with books and the studious type, you may want to un-crinkle any food wrappers you may have before you go inside. Just a heads up- food is typically not “welcome,” so all snacking must be kept on the DL.


Hungry but still have to get to work? Don’t fret, these small cafes have got your back! For those who work best in cozy environments, these cafes are perfect for you. Relaxing and quiet, small spaces are known to enhance creativity. Get your imagination flowing in these picturesque spots!

For a massage, mani, and productive work day, head to Chillhouse (duh)

A classic amongst freelancers in the Lower East Side or East Village, Chillhouse is a perfect spot to grab a soothing matcha or a mani as you work! They also offer massages, so schedule yourself a massage to top off your visit. The vibes here are chill, to say the least, and I’ve met plenty of amazing women who consider the location their go-to.

For an amazing work or interview spot, head to Dr. Smoods

Also, an efficient cafe to get work done and eat well, Dr. Smoods is a great find, especially in Flatiron. Their avocado toast is amazing, WiFi is of perfection, and you definitely need to snag the big comfy chairs in the back. It’s the perfect place to melt into and work for the entire day.

For the best Matcha, subway to Gotan in Tribeca

It can sometimes be tough to find a seat but try the high barstools and you should be set. Order their hot matcha and carry it back (slowly!). Gotan is typically crowded, and a favorite among many.

For the best avocado toast, head to Maman

Maman, directly across the street, has the best-deconstructed avocado toast around. Head there for more relaxed, bohemian vibes, as well as top-notch WiFi. Their couches are quite comfy, and the restaurant setting is quaint as it is located in the back of a paper shop. Head here in the middle of a typical work week to escape the craziness of the city, but also because it gets very busy on the weekends.


One may not expect to seek solace on the ground floor of an NYC hotel, but I encourage you all to be open-minded. Some of the best workspaces in NYC are in hotel lobbies! Underrated and often underpopulated, these spots have little quirks that make them stand out among other work spots. If you’re an HGTV junkie, you’ll love the serenity and aesthetic of these adorned spaces.

For free printing, head to CitizenM

Some spaces, like the CitizenM, in the Lower East Side, boast free printers and Mac desktops. Their art collection is super instagrammable, and the vibes are relaxed and classic. This is a creative space to brainstorm and create beautifully written pieces.

For tableside coffee service from an espresso bar, head to The Marlton

This spot is quiet and chic in a lodge sense of the word. There is a gorgeous wood-burning fireplace, large tables, and comfy chairs fit for someone who’s about to hunker down and do some work. Make sure you grab a coffee before sitting down, as you may get distracted lounging by the roaring fire.  Talk about a cozy environment!

For amazing meetings, make your way to the Ace Hotel, Nomad

A great spot for meetings, this spot has an 18-foot long table to collaborate with other freelancers or team members- for free! Inspired by the 1960s, there are custom sectionals, which lie on gorgeous mosaic tile floors. If you find yourself in a creative rut, look upwards toward the stained glass ceilings and light fixtures made from repurposed Hubble telescope lenses- instant inspiration!


This list would be remiss if it did not include a way to get work done in clever spaces that use their locations for more than just tablespace. Below are two locations- one uses their space for charity work, and the other strives to serve as an art outlet out of visitors.

For good karma, Head to Housing Works Bookstore Cafe

At the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe in Soho, all proceeds go towards ending AIDS and homelessness. The cafe is run by volunteers, and it feels so good to do work in such a positive space. Their lattes are to die for, and it is a great way to give back to others while maintaining work productivity. Talk about a win-win!

For a hands-on experience, head to the Brooklyn Art Library

The Brooklyn Art Library in Williamsburg is a great place for artists and hard workers to meet. This is because it is the home of “The Sketchbook Project,” where artists come in, create their work, and then their pieces are directly put into the library’s collection. Talk about a hands-on experience! Have fun watching the project take place, or breathe in the creativity that the work environment has to offer.


There is so much to explore in NYC, and so many incredible friends to meet. Let your 2019 work goals get a makeover. Head to one of these workspaces, and be amazed at how your mind and spirit will react! Trying something new, meeting people, and getting work done? Sounds like an efficient work day to me!

Feature image via Stocksy 

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