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We Came, We Chilled, and Threw a Bitchin’ Fiesta

by Raven Ishak

When you drop a dope site, you gotta throw a dope party, right? Last night, we brought down the (chill)house by making our new-born site come to life, and let’s just say… shit got chill.

From the café to the nail salon to the massage rooms, The Chill Times took over Chillhouse with beat-bumping tunes, fresh limited-edition manis, and a real-life Chill Times experience that showed off each of our categories, where bods were massaged, hair was styled, and yoga flowed. It was a night that we will never forget, and we’re so glad that we got to share this launch and Chillhouse’s one-year anniversary with you guys! Scroll below to get the party’s full deets.

Tunes were spun by Pamela Katz Tick.

Avion Tequila made tasty healthy-ish cocktails with Pernod Richard Brands spirits, like So Matcha Chill, All That Sparkles, and Dirty Dreams.

Sarah Levey and Ally Love were just some of the rad peeps that came to party with us.

Three custom nail designs were created by our friends from CND that embodied the colors and themes of The Chill Times.

Framebridge hooked us up with some clean frames to show off our launch imagery.

Chillhouse’s massage rooms were transformed to The Chill Times Experience where our favorite brands came together to give our guests a taste of what’s in store for our newly-delivered editorial site.

Buffy — the comforter of your dreams — covered a room, from top to bottom, to create a cozy oasis to chill and zen the f*ck out.

Next door, our friends from Y7 got their flow on with “Chillhouse Flows” that matched Chillhouse’s wellness blends.

Heyday set-up shop to give our guests skin consultations.

And Bumble and bumble. stopped by to recreate our signature hairstyle.

Our Editorial Director and Editor-in-Chief, Raven Ishak and Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton, twinning in Hesperios and Building Block.

 Cyndi Ramirez- Fulton, Christina Grasso, Rose Smith, and Jenny Albright serving up style.

Our Chillhouse and The Chill Times fam.

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Photography via Griffin Lipson for BFA.

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