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Why You Should Have a Contemplating-My-Life Corner

by Nathalie Peña

Whether you’ve realized it or not, you have dedicated spots for sleeping, working, and casually lounging. You may do all of these activities in the same spot all day every day because of accessibility and/or a profound comfort level for that one spot. However, if you’re lucky enough to have the extra leeway to create a makeshift corner where you do all your tough thinking — do it. 

I didn’t coin the term, a contemplating-my-life corner. In fact, I randomly came across the concept thanks to this Instagram post from a freelance writer. 

As a highly introspective person, the concept stuck with me. Many days involve me stressing myself out by overthinking my past actions and what I plan to do in the future. It’s human nature, but doesn’t make it any less frustrating. 

Have you ever found yourself: 

  • lying awake at night worried about your future?
  • distracted with swirling thoughts when you should be working?
  • having stressful thoughts while you’re trying to have a fun conversation with friends? 

That’s where a contemplating-my-life corner can come in handy. It will force you to step off your phone and sit in silence instead. It’s similar to an altar or a meditation seat, except this corner encourages addressing all of those stressful thoughts that may be setting you back. 

Self-awareness is a major key to self-transformation

According to Psychology Today, self-awareness is a major key to self-transformation. “Self-awareness is crucial for us to… exercise self-control, produce creative accomplishments, and experience high self-esteem. Research also shows how self-awareness leads to increased self-care and decreased burn-out. Finally, research indicates that increased self-awareness leads to greater acceptance of oneself and others.” 

When you know the root of your feelings and fears, that’s when you’ll start to understand why you’re even facing those thoughts. Once you know the reasoning, you start to worry less and take more action. I went through mood swings while applying to jobs — first feeling confident that I will find something perfectly aligned to my goals, then feeling impatient, then back to feeling hopeful. Sitting in my little corner is where I got to unravel why I was going through mood swings and give myself a pep talk about the importance of patience. It’s about putting things into perspective to continue moving forward. Even though I realized that I needed to continue getting out of my comfort zone to get a job, I felt more at ease when I laid every negative thought out on the table.  

Who knew my second-hand chair could help me slow down and focus on how I’m really feeling? 

Who knew my second-hand chair could help me slow down and focus on how I’m really feeling? So many of us are used to suppressing our feelings at the office (and now during Zoom meetings). Depending on a space in your home where you can fully feel comfortable to express all your feelings can help you control any stressful moments you experience during inopportune times. 

Leaning (pun intended) on my chair to do all my thinking keeps my headspace organized — something I’ve always struggled with. It’s also nice to decorate your little corner of the world in a way that makes you feel good when you’re about to go through some uncomfortable thoughts. Remember that addressing any self-doubt can actually set you up for success. Your contemplating-my-life corner can be a low-cost way to grow in a personal and professional capacity. 


Look around your space and notice whether you already subconsciously gravitate towards a spot to confront your thoughts. If so, spruce it up to make it less intimidating. If you’re in search of your contemplating-my-life corner, choose a spot that’s easily accessible.

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