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Workouts That Can Help Your Body and Mind

by Antigone Ntagkounakis

We’ve all noticed the rise in all things wellness (you’re reading this site after all!). From meditation studios, to breathing-focused apps, to the explosion of CBD, the health market is no longer just for the body. Now, health products and services are geared ever-increasingly towards the mind.

But what are some ways we can fuse the two? What are some ways in which I can feel like I’m exercising both, or simply just taking care of my body and mind at once? Never fear — the list below is for you, organized by what exactly you’re trying to get out of your workout. The studios mentioned are pretty specific to NYC, but if you live elsewhere make sure to check out similar types of workout classes at your local gym or fitness studios.

If you feel like getting aligned

One of the most effective workouts not only at connecting mind and body, but also at strengthening, lengthening, and stretching at the same time is undoubtedly yoga. Luckily, thanks to its crazy and ever-expanding take-off in the U.S., there seems to be a new kind of way to practice yoga everyday.

If you like a more zen, classic approach, you might like the evening Candlelight Flows at your local Yoga to the People (pro tip: there classes are donation based as well, meaning you don’t have to break the bank to fit a really good practice in). If you want to get sweaty, burn some extra calories, and test your balance in some crazy new shapes, you might want to check out one of the locations of the Y7 empire: the dark, hip-hop yoga flows that fuse old and new, helping you get into chaturanga with the help of Biggie Smalls or Cardi B. No matter what your preferred flow is, these studios won’t disappoint.

If you feel like letting out some aggression

Perhaps an obvious one, but boxing has to take the gold when it comes to a workout after a stressed, never-ending, god-awful work or school day. Rumble makes it fun and easy for newcomers to learn different punching sequences while also incorporating more traditional strength and circuit training exercise — think Soulcycle, but make it boxing. This place is trendy, pristine, and could never have a playlist that would let you down.

If you want more of an “Oh my god, I might die,” boxing experience (and I mean seriously you will think you might die – I’ve never taken a workout class that has pushed my limits quite like this one), try out Title Boxing. Although it may be a bit harder to pick up the moves if you’re a complete rookie, the “rest periods” of burpees and crunches will surely drain you of every last drop of energy, leaving you fully satisfied and fully ready for a long, hot bath.  

If you feel like chasing an endorphin high (literally)

I know, I know. Everyone hates running, I’ve heard it before. It can suck, it can be really hard, and worst of all, nothing is as boring as plugging along on the treadmill with no end in sight.

Luckily, new running-based classes, make running feel like much less of a drag. Instead of just dragging out a long jog, these classes choose focused, short intervals that give you small goals to achieve before moving onto other sequences (think hills, sprints, endurance stretches, etc.) or other exercises off the treadmill.  Barry’s Bootcamp, Mile High Run Club (and, bonus recommendation: if you’re a runner who’s looking to strengthen and stretch some running-specific muscles, check out the New York Pilates Run Club series) are a few of the options that can make running suck a little bit less and leave you feeling really fast, really badass, and really accomplished. (PLUS, if you’re an avid Classpass user like myself, these studios can be found on the app!)

Feature Image via Vanessa Granda

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