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Find Your Flow: 3 Yoga Playlists to Switch it Up

by Loren Lee

Has “namaste stay in bed,” been the motto lately? Same. If you’re not hitting the yoga mat as often as you’d like, then you might need some musical motivation. I’ve rounded up three yoga playlists curated by seasoned yogis to help breathe new life into your practice. I revisit these playlists whenever I’m feeling uninspired, drained or simply need a reminder that there’s no
“right” or “wrong” way to flow.

When You Want to Freestyle…

What Does Yoga “Sound” Like? by Jessamyn Stanley

Seriously, what does yoga sound like? According to this fresh playlist put together by body-positive yoga teacher, Jessamyn Stanley, yoga sounds like a mix of smooth vocals from the likes of Ms. Lauryn Hill, The Internet, Miguel, and Erykah Badu, plus some Ludacris added in for good measure.

When You Want to Catch a Vibe…

Flowin’ with the Om’ies by Jaimee Ratliff and Lauren Ash

Frank Ocean. Kelela. Sango. Need we say more? This awesome playlist curated by Jaimee Ratliff, owner of Hip-Hop Yoga, and Lauren Ash, Founder of Black Girl in Om, opens the mind to new ways to flow. Both women bring a much-needed perspective to the wellness space, so it’s no surprise that the playlist they teamed up to create is filled with unexpected songs (in the best way possible).

When You Want to Be Introspective…

May Yoga by Hilliary Latham

Hilliary Latham’s cool collection of yoga playlists was recommended by The Chill Times’ Chiller-in-Chief: Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton. I am forever grateful Cyndi opened me up to this certified yoga teacher’s eclectic mix of songs. Although we’re in winter, I find myself revisiting the May Yoga playlist again and again to hear instrumentals, remixes and soothing vocals from artists such as Nickodemus, Pete Rock, and Janelle Monae.

Let’s flow! What music do you listen to while performing yoga? Head over to @thechilltimes and let us know.

Feature image via Vanessa Granda

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