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Sex and Quarantine: How Are You Faring?

by Hannah Smith

Social distancing has changed a lot about the way we live our lives, but it’s even changed some aspects of the way we live indoors too. Two weeks ago, we asked our audience for some of their anecdotes on sex and masturbation during this time – are you doing it more? Are you doing it less? Why? There are so many variables in play, and just because we “have more time” doesn’t really mean we’re maximizing it. Read some of our choice anecdotes below.

“The hubs and I aim for sex twice a week. That idea hasn’t changed since quarantine started, but sometimes it’s only once and we’ve been understanding of the state of world influencing our ability to be ‘in the mood.’ We’ve  always been able to tell each other when we need to masturbate (sometimes we tease eachother a little bit for a laugh, but not often). We just say very plainly that’s what we’re retreating into the other room to do and the other person respects that privacy. Grateful for that. Masturbation has a lot less expectation surrounding it than sex with your SO.” -Anonymous

“I’ve been masturbating less, and I feel like I’m the only one. I’m just having a hard time getting into the mood. I’m busy thinking about unemployment, how to pay rent, and when I’ll see my parents again. There’s just too much going on for me to focus on myself and I feel like I’m the only one NOT focusing on myself right now. I know some people are ‘finding themselves’ during quarantine but I’m feeling a little lost.” – Anonymous

“The first few weeks of quarantine, I felt wave after wave of sexual frustration. I had just flown back home from the state I was going to college in to quarantine close to family, and was feeling deprived of my freedom to hookup with people even though I wouldn’t necessarily have done that had this all not have been the case. I just wanted to have sex because I was told I wasn’t supposed to, and we all want what we can’t have. Now, I’ve had the time to realize that I was clearly just looking for an outside source to fill a void that I have every capability of filling on my own. I feel more sexually liberated than I ever had because I have had the chance to explore and become comfortable with my own body. Anyone who I choose to sleep with after all of this is over is merely an addition to the pleasure I now find within myself.” – Anonymous

“I’m quarantined with my boyfriend – some days we’re getting it on and others we aren’t, but everyday I’m exercising which leaves me feeling sore. My boyfriend has leaned heavily into massages as a segway for sex, and I can’t say I’m against it. I’ve read articles about men giving women clitoral massages (or something similar), so I told him to try it and explained how based on what I remember and just what I wanted. We both enjoyed it, so let’s just say things have been nice and relaxing over here.” – Anonymous

“My husband and I have been doing it much more often because we aren’t stressed out of our minds ? It has made me realize how much stress and being “busy” can get in the way of sexual intimacy. Also, because we are spending 24/7 together, we are forced to work out any issues in communication in real time and that helps keep us on the same page.” – Anonymous

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Feature Image via Victoria Morris

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